About Me

H e l l o , b e a u t i f u l .
I'm Meg && I love making your day better!

I am 13, but I am really immature for my age, haha.

I have a little sister, @corabellina, two older brothers, and one younger brother. 

I play soccer, tennis, and I play the triangle because I'm t h a t musically talented. :P

My favorite movies have gotta be: Mean Girls, 27 Dresses, The Notebook, Sherlock Holmes, Grown Ups, and House at the End of the Street. 

My favorite food has to be Chobani Greek Yogurt , cause it's yummy :).

I love to text && such, and I believe in true love.

I have naturally really blue eyes, light skin, and blondish-brow-redish hair...
I am insecure, silly, a nerd, and the bestest friend ever.

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