Thank you so much @imcerys for tagging me!! This was fun:)

1) name ; Lauren

2) nicknames ; my family calls me tons of other sorta weird stuff: Lor, Ren, and since my middle name is Elizabeth, they say Liz, Lizzie, or even LEW because of my initials. But at school I'm just Lauren
3) birthday ; March 30, 2001

4) place of birth ; California, USA

5) star sign ; Aries 

6) ✿ appearance ✿

hair ; LONG and straight but that doesn't matter cause you can't tell if I braid it or curl it;)

eye colour ; sometimes green, blue, yellow, or brown- it really just depends on the person.. We were saying our physical appearance in Spanish and I said I didn't know the color if my eyes and the people around me were all like, "obviously brown" 
"I think they are greenish blue" "look hazel to me" and haha "wut u talking bout there yellow green!" I wanted to look away but they were trying to look at my eyes-- awkward-- story nvm

best feature ; I get complement on my eyes but I think I like my hair better:( ??

braces ; have them right now but they are going I be off in a month--(actually got em off 5/28/14)

piercings ; ears and belly button. (Jk not my belly button:))

tattoos ; does drawing count, if not then no
✿ firsts ✿
best friend ; Maddy?she still is the best!!

real holiday ; let's see so my FIRST real holiday would be march 30 and after but march 30 is doctors day, If docter's day isn't a real holiday then April Fools Day

Concert ; first concert would be a Newboys one withy family when I was bout 6

✿ favorites ✿
film ; Forest Gump, the little mermaid, the Brooke elison story( true story) and Gods not Dead;
I can't think of anymore right now I'll add them later

tv show ; AFV, gravity falls, survivor, amazing race, HAWAII FIVE o

color ; green, turquoise, blue

song ; this is really hard but as of right now either 
wild heart or Jack by the vamps
restaurant ; I love Panda Express, I know not real Chinese food-- still amazing

book ; The Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, divergent, and yes, bridge to teribithia and narnia series

magazine ; seventeen but I only read them when I get hurt by going to the doctors or orthodontist or dentist!!

shoes ; vans, converse, Roxy flip flops?

✿ currently ✿
Feeling tired this is taking longer than I thought

single or taken ; single by choice-cause the people who show interest I am Not Interested://

eating ; EVERYTHING on the face of the earth 

listening to ; realize- by Colbie callat sorry if i didn't spell tht right 

watching ; me phone screen

wearing ; lazy/pj ish cloths

✿ future ✿
want children ; very much but I'm very scared of child birth-- but I'll have a husband who will holds my hand with me during it

want to be married ; of course

careers in mind ; designer, engineer, teacher, musician, scientist, inventor, painter etc

where do you want to live ; idk as long as I love him and he loves me❤️

✿ do you believe in ... ✿
God ; Yes, his name is Jesus And he died for everyone and loves us more than we can comprehend

miracles ; Yes, God makes miracles happen- miracle I haven't been hit by a car yet hehe

love at first sight ; I do LOVE all that romance stuff but I also believe the best part of someone is their personality which u can't really judge by "first sight"

ghosts ; ya but I stay away from tht stuff

aliens ; idk but I'd guess no

soul mates ; yes there is a perfect person out they for everyone

heaven ; yes it is a real place were you can go I you believe in and have a relationship with God: btw I went to see Heaven is for Real the movienand it disappointed me: it was realllllllly sloww and you can't really show how amazing heaven is.. It's beyond compare amazing

hell ; Yes and I'm begging you not to go there ... It is painful and worst of all once you're there you are stuck there for eternity

kissing on the first date ; not if you like just met the guy, but if you've been friends before hand and know each other idk why not:) have fun haha

--------thanks for reading all the way until the end Thts really cool that you would so tht! Bye!
@zipi139 @sinead-pinkxoxo 
Btw don't feel obligated to do this!! I was just feeling up to it and wanted to put it out there! Hope you enjoy doing it if you choose to :)
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