Thank you so much @imcerys for tagging me!! This was fun:)

1) name ; Lauren

2) nicknames ; my family calls me Ren,  .. But at school I'm just Lauren
3) birthday ; March 30

4) place of birth ; California, USA

5) star sign ; Aries 

6) ✿ appearance ✿

hair ; straight, light brown

eye colour ; a blue ring around a green/yellow

best feature ; I get complements on my eyes , so probably those little things

piercings ; ears and belly button. (Jk not my belly button:))

tattoos ; no lol
✿ firsts ✿
best friend ; Maddy Rae

real holiday; April Fools Day bc I was born in late March 😂

Concert ; first concert would be a Newboys one withy family when I was bout 6

✿ favorites ✿
film ; Forest Gump, the little mermaid, Dead Poets Society; the Brooke elison story( true story) and Gods not Dead;

tv show ; AFV, gravitiy falls, survivor, amazing race, HAWAII FIVE o

color ; green, turquoise, blue

song ; this is really hard but as of right now either 
wild heart or Jack by the vamps
restaurant ; I love Panda Express: I know not real Chinese food-- still amazing

book; I don't enjoy reading at all :/

magazine ; seventeen- especially the section with embarrassing stories 

shoes ; I don't favor any of my children of another

✿ currently ✿
Feeling tired this is taking longer than I thought

single or taken ; single by choice-cause the people who show interest in me are not the people I want to date 😑

eating ; EVERYTHING on the face of the earth ; jk I'm trying to lose a few pounds but chocolate, spaghetti, cookies, and pizza are so good

listening to ; realize- by Colbie callat sorry if i didn't spell tht right 

watching ; me phone screen; no tv rn

wearing ; lazy/pj ish cloths

✿ future ✿
want children ; very much but I'm very scared of child birth-- but I'll have a husband who will holds my hand with me during it

want to be married ; of course

careers in mind ; designer, engineer, musician, scientist, inventor etc

where do you want to live ; idk as long as I love him and he loves me❤️ but in America most likely; but we will travel all over the world💫

✿ do you believe in ... ✿
God ; Yes, his name is Jesus And he died for everyone's sins and loves us more than we can comprehend! 

miracles ; Yes, God makes miracles happen--it's a miracle I haven't been hit by a car yet hehe

love at first sight ; I do LOVE all that romance stuff but I also believe the best part of someone is their personality, which u can't really judge at "first sight"

ghosts: idk, but demons maybe? try to stay away from this:/

aliens ; I'd guess no

soul mates ; yes there is a perfect person out they for everyone

heaven ; yes it is a real place were you can go I you believe in and have a relationship with God. It's beyond compare amazing. everyone must choose their way, both the choice stands heaven, or 

hell ; Yes and I'm begging you not to go there ... It is painful, and worst of all once you're there ;you are stuck there for eternity

kissing on the first date ; not if you like just met the guy, but if you've been friends before dating and know each other idk why not:) have fun haha

--------thanks for reading all the way until the end Thts really cool that you would so tht! Bye!
@zipi139 @sinead-pinkxoxo 
Btw don't feel obligated to do this!! I was just feeling up to it and wanted to put it out there! Hope you enjoy doing it if you choose to :)
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