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♥ Favorites ♥
1. What's your favorite candy? Kit-kats!
2. What’s your favorite snack? Chips haha :)
3. What's your favorite meal? Pasta
4. What's your favorite color? Blue!

5. What's your favorite song? There's sooo many! Umm... Therapy by All Time Low?
6. What's your favorite movie? The Proposal or When in Rome
7. What's your favorite store? Forever 21

8. What's your favorite thing to wear? Shorts!
9. What's your favorite sport? Track :)
1O. What's your favorite website? Polyvore!

11. Apples or Oranges? Apples
12. Light or Dark? Light!
13. Rain or Shine? Rain :)
14. Polka Dots or Stripes? BOTH
15. White or Black? Black 
16. Mom or Dad? Both.
17. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
18. Facebook or Polyvore? Polyvore!!
19. Jeans or Sweats? Both! Sorry!
2O. Pastel or Neon? Pastel

21. Go to Paris, France or Rome, Italy? Italy :)
22. Go to New York or California? New York!
23. Go to England or Australia? England

26. Blue eyes or brown eyes? Blue
27. Taller or shorter? Tall
28. Long hair or Short hair? Either
29. Nice guy with okay appearance or okay guy with a good appearance? Okay appearance I guess? Can't there be a nice and cute guy?
30. Blond/Brown hair or Black/Redheads? Ummm blonde or brown I guess..

31. Wear Foundation or Concealer? Concealer.
32. Wear Lipstick or Lip-gloss? Lip gloss
33. Wear Mascara or Eyeliner? Eyeliner :) It's my bestie!
34. Wear Eye Shadow or Blush? Definitely eye shadow
35. Eye Liner or Lip Liner? EYELINER!

♥ WHO iS? ♥
36. Your role model? I don't know.. Anne Hathaway?
37. Your bestfriend(s)? It's a secret!
38. Your favorite person? Umm... John Green?
39. Your worst enemy? ? ? ? I don't have one.
40. Your favorite teacher? English teacher? 

♥ ONE ________? ♥
41. Wish? That I'll have a Nicholas Sparks book romance. Without anyone dying.
42. Belief? Um..
43. Memory? Not sure...
44. Guy? Leonardo Dicaprio..
45. Day? Saturday :)

46. Your worst memory? I don't know :( 

47. Your favorite memory? Didn't I jut answer this? Haha. Climbing on my friend's roof and just talking.
48. Your most weirdest memory? When I used to be obsessed with blowing bubbles as a kid :)
49. Your most embarrassing memory?Haha I can't say!
50. Your most funnest memory? Once I climbed a tree with my friend for the first time then I was too scared to get down so we had to wait for her dad to come get me down..
51. Your worst dream (aka nightmare)? A giant robot was chasing me... that was a really long time ago though hahah.
52. Your favorite dream? When I talked to this guy I liked in my dream
53. Your most embarrassing dream? I totally embarrassed myself in front of this guy I liked
54. Your weirdest dream? I was flying with some random guy
55. Your coolest dream? I was flying with some random guy.. Same one.

♥ Questions ♥
56. How many siblings do you have? One
57. How many kids do you want? Probably 2
58. Do you want to get married? If so, how old? Maybe, when I'm like 26 or 27.
59. Do you have or had any pets? Dog, and fish.

60. Do you like pie? Love it!

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