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    "Name: Aurora
    Age: 17" — @cherryblossumandsugar
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    "Personality: sweet; sassy, stuborn, rude , a handfull
    talent: painter
    Power: growing flowers" — @cherryblossumandsugar
  • Newborn, Infant Children Photography
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    "bio: she grew up being really sick and made only a few friends she had no friend that where girls just the guys they didnt care she got sick alot they just saw her as normal ,and thats all she wanted she has heart problems and asama
    secret: alot and we willl leave it at that" — @cherryblossumandsugar
  • about a boy
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    "personality: sweet , shy,
    careing, quiet
    talent: football star
    power: controling water" — @cherryblossumandsugar
    *Explore/Interestingness* i love this boy! hudson is my 11 year old nephew and is best buddies with my middle son carter. he stays at our house at LEAST once a week - even more in the summer. hudson has the most beautiful eyes and is as sweet as can be. he's usually smiling but i caught him here in a serious moment. view large
  • Portrait of a little boy
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    "bio: he knew aurora
    from school or when she showed up he one day asked his mom to drive him to her house to see where she net all the time and he say her in the yard picking flowers that is when hen he became her friend
    secret: likes aurora more then a friend" — @cherryblossumandsugar
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    "Name: Zack
    Age: 18" — @cherryblossumandsugar
  • Max Thunderman Love Story
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    "personality: sweet , kind rude at times loveing
    talent: glass blower
    power: controling shadows" — @cherryblossumandsugar
    Max and Pheebe Thunderman have been in this town for 2 weeks and now a new girl appears. She hasn't got powers-or does she?-So she can't know of their secret ,so Max can't fall for her .She isn't suited for a Dark Empress-or is she?-...... ......I think you'd like to know h
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    "bio: he first saw aurora
    in wasi n the hall way she was heading to the nurses office on a roleing bed weezeing
    so he rode his bike to her house the next day and spent the night makeing sure she was ok theat how they became friends
    secret: wnats to be more then just friends with aurora" — @cherryblossumandsugar

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