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(Whew! Halfway through the ecliptic now!)

The sign of Virgo rules gardening and plant cultivation, hence the botanical imagery. Caring for plants is a wonderful way for a strongly Virgoan personality to channel their fastidiousness and work ethic. As with Gemini (the other sign ruled by the planet Mercury), writing can also be a good outlet, but that's only if the Virgo isn't too self-conscious about their work! Virgos tend to have a lot of problems with anxiety and may inundate themselves with negative self-talk to the point of feeling defeated. If this is an issue, they may want to wear certain gemstones, such as moonstone, which resonate with the energy of Pisces (the sign directly opposite Virgo on the zodiac wheel). Piscean energy may help some Virgos relax and accentuate their ability to take in the big picture without feeling overwhelmed. If a person wants to increase their Virgoan energy, on the other hand, blue sapphires (the birth stone of September) are a good bet. Blue sapphires stimulate the throat and third-eye chakras particularly.

By the way, some observant folks may notice that the sapphire ring I've included in this set uses lab-created sapphires as opposed to genuine mined ones. If you're interested in using gemstones for their energetic properties and not just for looks, you may be wondering if lab-created stones are useless. Actually, I myself am a big fan of synthetic gems. They may be made in a lab, but they're molecularly identical to their geologically formed counterparts, and I've owned several lab-made pieces that have a very nice energy to them! And actually, I've owned several genuine gemstone specimens (purchased from the internet) that have simply felt "dead." I'm not sure if they were damaged by heat treatment or what, but pieces like that are about energetically useful as plastic, unfortunately. In sum, the best way to know if a particular stone has a nice energy is to go to a shop and feel it for yourself before buying. Buying online is typically cheaper, but it's also a gamble in the context of energetic utility.
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