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this set gives me total 2014 vibes with the dark colours matched with the lavender. i remember my simple sets being like this when magazine set makers started having a "set order" because we were becoming friends with loads of simple set makers hahaha. i was probably cautious of colours with simple sets back then but this was definitely a popular colour combo in 2014. and it feels so good to make a simple set that's not for a company. i really like how it came out :)

i changed my username on my side account. it's now @thejaneway yayay

i'm still so hyped about olly's album! it's perfection. it's probably my favourite album yet, i love the style so much more than i like his previous albums. glory days is a stunning album as well, i love the modern sound. i love that they're actually really big now, not just xfactor winners. they're so talented. i just checked and i pretty much talked about this same stuff in my last set haha whoops
those are some throwbacks for this set too! that was the "aside plants, i only have purple fillers" thing lol. and everyone was obsessed with skorts!!! i absolutely cannot stand using them in sets anymore, idk why. also this set is kinda cute, nice @ me

calvin harris and ellie goulding will never not be my otp because of this music video lol i watch it all the time

alright goodbye pals

comment one of your otps if you read all of this!

STAY FRESH, JEMMA | 26.11.16
@polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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Wrote one month ago
@equestriennedetectivewhovian15 cool, thanks for reading! :) and ahah yes i know, i absolutely love the vid though and their friendship is the absolute best, i adore them ♥

Wrote one month ago
I did ship Tayvin but only cos: tall blonde lady and tall blonde guy, how could you go wrong? And they seemed right for each other too, but I think Calvin was just a little too mature for Taylor in the end

Wrote one month ago
By the way Ellie and Calvin's relationship in that video was really not real, they are totally just good friends! I don't ship them, he is way to serious for her

Wrote one month ago
Real life ship: Hendall
Fictional ship: Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls or Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother





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there is beauty in simplicity

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4th place in group contest: N for NIGHT ☾

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Submit a set featuring a night time outfit. This can either be something you'd wear to bed, or something you'd go out partying in. Hope you all have had a great start to 2017 xx
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