It’s really scary to me that there are so many people in the world who look at woman as an object of sex only.
Everything that we create, everything we feel & desire is completely dismissed because we are not human in their eyes, we are made to fulfill their needs only & that’s that. 
Although I am extremely passionate about art & all forms of self expression, although I admire women who show their bodies off relentlessly solely out of self love & self respect, it is hard for me to find the same freedom to do so knowing that regardless of my intention, a man will look at me & think such degrading thoughts. 
The media has brainwashed us into believing that as women, beauty will be our highest achievement, & yet not even the most stereo typically beautiful of all women will ever be able to gain every man’s complete respect. It’s not that we need a man’s respect to live. It’s that it is so unsafe to live without the respect of men. It’s that it puts our lives in danger, and that is why as a woman it never feels safe to feel too safe.

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