across the dark | Qiu Xue [秋雪]

Name: Qiu Xue (秋雪)
Aliases: Xue, Sue, Susie, Soo, Susan Barguest, Akimoto Yukino [秋元雪乃], Chu Seol (추설), Kitsune (狐), Kumiho (구미호), Tamamo no Mae (玉藻の前), Madame Barguest, Huli Jing (狐狸精). Her birth name was Qiu Li Jing (秋丽晶), but she never liked her name and always thought it self-indulgent on her parents' behalf. Odd, disjointed looking name, she always thought, so many blocks, so streamlined, no real femininity to the eye; and close to Huli Jing, in a way. Of course, all of this is quoth Xue, so who knows what is true. Xue is what an old flame nicknamed her, and what a newer flame knew and loved her as, so it's stuck.
Species: Some form of kitsune, apparently. She has several non human, fox-like forms, multiple tails optional. However, she's so closely tied to the House that that can't be taken at face value. Some say she was the House's first owner and first guardian, some say she's the House's spiritual form, some say she's the House's creator. What's true is that she and the House came into being at around the same time and are rarely apart. She comes with the House and the House comes with her. As she may wander from the House, who knows who wears the trousers in that relationship, and why? Still, let's say kitsune. Or kumiho. Or huli jing. Or something else...
Say hello to Xue. She's beautiful, elegant, sweet-hearted, optimistic, naive, feminine, fragrant, utterly girly, the emotional, fluffy one with her head in the clouds, feet on the ground and heart full of cotton candy. She's the carer, the mother and the sweetheart. She's the incorrigible flirt who likes lace, macaroons, sweets of all kinds and afternoon tea.
She's also an absolute tart, utterly ancient, slightly two-faced, possibly insincere, a tricky character, a criminal, an anomaly and a man-eater. Literally. What's known about Xue is that she 'comes with the house', and many of the houses desires and plans and interests and mysteries are revealed through her. She acts as a second-in-command to whoever 'guards' or 'owns' the house, does their bidding and advises them - so she's been Leopoldine's confidant for a good while already. So she's well acquainted with the paranormal criminal underworld. And she works as a maid/front of house in the House "B'n'B" and "cashier" at the "shop". As she's perfectly sneaky and perfectly sweet, it works well for her and she's probably even better connected than Leo.
All that aside, she's really not that tough, or that bad, or that mean: she's got a heart of solid marshmallow when you get to know her, and she loves easily. She's not perfect, but she has a heart, even after all these years. Really, what do you say to a woman who -literally- eats men but sleeps with a Harlequin romance or two under her pillow?
As a kitsune, Xue has her darker side - every other month or so, she has this... urge. It's not the nice kind of urge. It's dark and bloodthirsty. The darker, less light, less lovely, less lacy undercurrent to her being takes over for a few days. She tries to bag herself a few scumbags to sate her hunger, but it does nearly as much damage to any potential relationship as the House does - and the House has already ruined the one love she really did care about. She would really rather love a guy who cares and understands, but the one man who seemed capable of that is determined to destroy the House - and without that, she suspects there's no Xue. Still, there's more to life, and Xue likes life.
She also likes Gwen, even if the woman doesn't trust her, and she loves Leo - she's her favourite 'Mistress' of the House yet.
One person she doesn't like? Electra. B!tch had her chance and blew it, so now she needs to get out of Xue's domain. It seems possible that they once had a good friendship, there are a few jokes amongst the hatred, and they're similar in some ways - but really, she doesn't like her. Xue hates her ilk, but some do have their purpose and she can't always be a hypocrite about the darkness within -herself-. Electra, however, is a different matter. (cont).

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Wrote three years ago
I should add that I don't speak Chinese, Korean or Japanese. I have a hobby interest in the culture, language, mythology, of these nations, but I'm not really any good. Sorry if I've made any mistakes!


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