Antique Bakery*
Taemin's POV

As soon as I had come back from Antique to my dorm I opened Sungjong's closet to find a mysterious box from Ah Ri. Sungjong forbid me opening the box -but how could I resist now, when we are friends again?
I took deep breathe and looked at box. 
"Jeremy Scott". I read the letters loud. I wonder who he is?
The only 'fashion name' I know is Prada, and I'm not sure if this Prada was(is?) a man or a woman.
I slowly opened the box to find there -surprise -a pair of ordinary converse shoes and a letter.
"Good shoes will take you to good places." -was the only sentence written on a white piece of paper.
I took on shoe to look closer. It would be the most usual shoe if not the one thing -it was covered with tiny drawings of me and hearts!
I put the shoe on my foot to see that it actually was ideal size. It must be a fate that girl who even doesn't know my real age gave my a pair of shoes in my size.
Next day, after school
Ah Ri's room

It's hard to believe that I was actually in her room! Almost all walls were covered with drawings of shoes or extracts from fashion magazines. The door of closet can't be closed because of the amount of clothes, accessories and shoes placed there. Except closet the only furniture in the room were big bed and small table covered with sheets of paper and pencils.
I sat on floor next to Sungjong. I took him with me to help Ah Ri with her mission :making SoHyun, rock girl, a gangster.
"Ajuma, she doesn't look like gangster!" Sungjong protested against dressing SoHyun in shining pants.
"Don't call me ajumma!" 
"She is not ajumma!"
"Ajumma or not ajumma - I can't wear those clothes!"SoHyun sat next to us. "I don't like the idea of being gangster! Can't you ask Jane's friend to go on that photoshot?"
"But her friend is a real gangster and I don't think real gangsters are attending photoshots! As a my brother's girlfriend is your duty to help me! Okay, let's try acting like gangster. Sungjong?"
Sungjong stand up so proud that we asked him to teach someone how to act. Honestly, I don't think that my friend can act like a real gangster even in 1% -he usually plays queens or princesses in his performances (Yes, they usually give him female roles!)
I tried to help him by playing a gangster's victim. Sungjong make some dance move (it was supposed to be kung fu move but looked rather like ballet.)
"Sungjong, you really can't act! Gangster are simply punching their victims!" SoHyun stepped closer to me and showed her perfect -too perfect punch. I felt against the wall seeing black spots dancing in front of my eyes. What's more I heard suspicious crack noise.
"Taemin-ah are you okay?" I felt soft Ah Ri's hand on my forehead taking my hair behind my ear.
"Did I broke something?" I hope it wasn't my leg or arm.
"Woah, you made a big hole in the wall!" 
"It was your, not his fault!" I heard Ah Ri scolding SoHyun.
"Kids, you know this house is old? Don't play to hard."Grandma's head appeared in the hole.
"Grandma, we are so sorry!" SoHyun and Ah Ri were bowing to grandma. I quickly stand up to bow as well.
"Ah, it's nothing. We will do something with that wall..Honestly all that room needs repair. I will gave you new room, Ah Ri, don't worry. Follow me!"
We all followed grandma to SoHyun's room. Girls exchanged surprised looks -I'm sure they wouldn't be happy to share one room.
"Gentlemen, help me with that wardrobe, we need to move it."
We moved the wardrobe to uncover...small square doors. 
"It's a secret room. Really beautiful." Grandma unlocked the door and opened them. "Go in, kids." I took deep breathe and decided to go there first -to show Ah Ri how much courage I have.
Like a cat, on my knees I entered the room. It was place full of dust and spider webs but at the same time it looked like princess' chamber. The big bed with curtains was standing in the middle of the room, all furnitures : oak desk, huge wardrobe, dressing-table looked like antiques.
"I don't think this small door will be a problem for you -you are slim and young!" I heard grandma's voice behind me. I turened around to see everyone's faces shocked -except grandma's, she was smiling. I think she was waiting to give this room to someone.
"But this doors are in SoHyun's room!" Ah Ri protested.
"Unni, you can always use them, it's not a problem to me!" SoHyun smiled to Ah Ri showing her a little spider hanging just above her head.
Ah Ri screamed and run away from spider just right into my arms.
"Taemina-ah, kill it!" She said to my chest where she hid here head.
"Kids, you only have to clean here but I don't think it's a problem..Or maybe I should ask Jane to help you?"
"There is no need to bother her." I answered to grandma. She smiled to us one more time and left the room.
"I'm not going to clean here. Those hands hasn't been made to work." Sungjong showed us his delicate hands.
"And I don't see any reason to clean here - unni, you can sleep with all those spiders!" SoHyun laughed.
"You two will go to SoHyun's room and practice being gangster -I advice you to go to Jane ask her for some help with this, I think she knows more about gangsters than you both. And I will help Ah Ri with cleaning."
They agreed with me.

I've spent all afternoon cleaning. But it wasn't suffering. 
It was pleasure!
I had some much time to talk with Ah Ri -just two of us.
I've learned more about fashion world and understand that it's not easy to look perfect everyday just to please her boss.
We were talking also about music. I told her about my secret piano lessons I had taken when I was a kid just to charm my teacher.
"Oh, I've told that I'm the only one but I see you've always fall for noonas!" She blew a little bit of dust from shelf in my direction.
I did the same -but my blew ended up with much more than 'a little bit' of dust on Ah Ri's face.
For a second I frozen : would she be angry at me for that?
She cough twice and then laugh beautifully.
I don't know why -what a little devil went inside me -but I just run to her, grabbed her and spin with her several times. Spin so fast that all furnitures become one stain of colours.
Should I kiss her? -I thought biting my lip.
"Don't even think about it, Taemin-ah. Friends don't kiss each other during cleaning!" She throw at me broom and smiled.

Ah Ri's POV
Taemin is so adorable. I swear, I wanted to throw him on my new bed and show him my wild side but I'm not a person who would ever cheat on my boyfriend.
Betrayal is the worst sin in my opinion.
And I'm still with Yang Joon...
Thanks for reading!
I hope my stories aren't boring:P
(I think I should write something funny soon...Maybe new story for Idol Rescue?:P)
Ahh, and one more thing..It has taken me a lot of time to find and upload many Taemin's pictures and I see many people are using them...Normally it doesn't bother me when people are using my items but saying "thank you" from time to time would be really nice!
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