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Yus. So I am doing an epic HP RP with my besstesstttt bud Mason. Well, we haven't been doing it for that long but I'm sure it's going to be epic. xD

So this is Adam. He's a Gryffindor, 16 or 17 I'm thinking. He doesn't have a last name but I'll give him one later. He's pretty BA, but he's not punk or biker or rebel or any stereotype, he's just himself. But he has friends and stuff. ANYWAY. I'm rambling.

What to say, what to say...Well, he's got tousled longish blonde goldish hair (think Jace from MI, that sort of face and hair and build...not that I'm obsessed or anything. xD; ) but he has green eyes instead of golden. His patronus is the wolf. And he almost always wears boots, except when he's wearing Converse occasionally. Oh, and he's seeker on the Quidditch team. Also he has reading glasses but doesn't like wearing them 'cuz he thinks they look stupid.

I'm trying to decide whether to make him a werewolf or not (not all gross like Lupin in the movies, but more like Jacob type werewolf)...What do you guys think?

Sorry for rambling; type Quidditch if you read this all!
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