Born into a future of darkness and desolation Adaylia hides in the shadows of the fallen empire of man doing what she can to survive. She is alone with the exception of a nameless raven she once saved long ago. Things were not always so dark, once upon a time the sun shone brightly and the snowy white clouds would twist and turn themselves into animals and things from her imagination.Safe behind the wall from the evil beyond ,until it fell...

Fire and death the man in white thrust a dagger into her hands whispering "go back and rid man of Them before its too late.." Strange words in a language she did not know and blinding light, she wakes up in a different time. Evil blood of Them has been shed, but now she wanders earth alone unable to make her way back, each day losing memories of the ones she loves.She makes her way to sun cafe and the rumors of its owner. Her payment, a dark locket, belonging to her mother, the memories of her innocence locked inside.
 She is willing to give it up to get back. Hopefully to a different future devoid of darkness and Them...

really long and my first attempt at any sort of story set.
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Wrote 8 years ago

Wrote 8 years ago

Wrote 8 years ago
super cool! i want to know who "The Man" and "Them" are..........!

Wrote 8 years ago


Polyvore Writers

Polyvore Writers

This group is for anyone on Polyvore who writes! Poems, stories, anything's fine. Just make a set for your work, and put the writing into the description. Or, if it's short enough, put it in the set. Please be active in the group and please don't just put sets that don't have any of your writing.
We take all kinds of writing, fanfiction,fiction,nonfiction, historic fiction, short stories, chapters of novels, vignettes, poetry, fantasy thrillers :) Submit them here! :)
Be on the look out for contests!
If you have any questions feel free to contact the new moderator @jilliancarter
Get writing! :) When there is a contest PLEASE enter :D We'd love to have you, join today!

Creativity vs. imagination

Creativity vs. imagination

I like sets that are creative. Not ones that people just slap an "outfit" in. I DON'T want ANY showing off of CLOTHES. Show me your true colors and what you can do! Mostly just to show sets you're proud of. :)

LeAvE A SeT, MaKe A ComMeNt!??

LeAvE A SeT, MaKe A ComMeNt!??

**I've been away for a while, but I am back :) So let me know if you'd like to start doing some contests again, I think it'd be fun**
*So here's what this group is about to anyone who's new: Welcome! Together we can make our sets bigger. Post any set here, the more people who join, the bigger our sets will get. ANY and ALL sets are welcome! Leave a set, and make a comment on someone elses set. It's that easy! Have fun!!
<3<3 Amy<3 <3


The Sun Café

The Sun Café

15 sets from 9 members. Ended 8 years ago.
"Named after the most optimistic card in the Tarot deck, Zorya serves folks their coffee and breakfasts. But it's also the place rumoured to be where she serves up a whole lot more than eggs. There is supposedly a room where she takes the most curious of people. And in exchange for everything from a soul, to trinkets, to the fangs of a vampire, she will tell you your future.
It is said she once took the laugh of a dying man as payment. Along with other oddities, a shot glass from a gas station, butterfly wings, the jaw bone of a black cat, an old key, a green glass marble, lint from someone's pocket even.
According to her, if you ask, she serves a variety of patrons and it's neutral ground for all 'non-normal people'. So if you find yourself wandering down Skelton Road, and pass the small coffee shop, maybe stop in. See if the rumours are true."
Reference sets:
Created by Rhodes, one of Demon Slayers' most prolific and talented contributors.
Submit your sets featuring any creature or odd being, who may be looking for answers. Include their payment as well.
Old sets may be submitted if you add a storyline to the description that refers to The Sun Café.

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