Add on Enclosed Door Blind for 22" X 36" Door Window Size: 38.75" H x 24.75" W x 2" D
  • Mykita Black Pelot Mylon Tea Shades
    Mylon 'Pelot' tea shades in black. Circular lenses with mirror finish and charcoal tint. Matte wood-textured finish at frames and arms. Silver-tone hinges. Mylon. Made in Germany.
  • Graber Simple Selections 3/8" Single Cell Cellular Shade 23" x 72"
    So soft, yet so durable, these single cell cellular shades from Simple Selections offer supreme light control and privacy while also aiding in energy efficiency. An instant, sleek update for any modern setting. Alabaster. Vinyl headrail and bottom rail/spunlace polyester fabric.
  • Home Basics 2" Faux Wood Blinds, 22-27" x 64"
    From the kitchen to the study, every room in your home gets an instant style uplift with the addition of distinguished faux-wood blinds. Window treatments feature generously sized 2" panels with the look and texture of real wood, accented by three wide ladder strings. Just turn the control wand to adjust blind angle and pull attached strings to adjust the height. Includes valance. WHITE. PVC.
  • Redi Shade Temporary Light Filtering Shades, Set of 6
    Creating a beautiful atmosphere is easy and affordable with Redi Shade temporary light-filtering shades. Pleated paper shades readily install in less than one minute - just trim, peel and stick! No need for drills, screws or brackets, these cord-free shades secure with 2 low-profile clips. Inside/outside mount. White. Paper.
  • Home Basics Damask Floral Roman Shade 22-29" x 72
    The luxurious look of Damask makes its way to your window in a soft, shimmering two-toned Roman shade. Cordless and available in multiple colors, the Damask Floral Roman shade creates an instant, effortless update for any room in the home. Taupe. Cotton/polyester.
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  • Home Basics Cotton Twill Thermal Roman Roller Shade 22-23" x 64"
    Dress up any window's view with the streamlined design and subtle texture of cotton twill. Perfect for adding contemporary charm to any room, this cotton twill roman shade is also lined with a thermal backing for convenient insulation, no matter the season. White. Cotton.
  • Graber Simple Selections Vertical Blinds, 78" x 84"
    Define your window's view with the sleek and streamlined look of these classic vertical blinds from Simple Selections. Offered in an array of neutral tones to satisfy virtually any color palette. Crown/White. PVC louvers; Steel headrail.
  • Home Basics 2" Faux Wood Cordless and Wandless Blind 29-31" x 64"
    Present a clever update to your view with these cordless and wandless faux wood blinds. With their clean design and subtle textured look, these blinds work well in any setting. White. PVC.
  • Home Basics Inaccessible Cord Roman Shade 23" x 64"
    Dress up the window with the Inaccessible Cord Roman Shade from Home Basics, featuring simple linen construction with a hidden inner cord for a clean look. Includes white liner for increased energy saving. Ivory. Linen/viscose.
  • Home Basics Matchstick Bamboo Wood Roman Shade 39" x 64"
    Finely woven bamboo wood creates a textured and tonal look in this contemporary matchstick Roman shade from Home Basics. Offered in an array of hues, this Roman shade gives the perfect sleek and modern update with nice light-filtering capability. Honey. Bamboo wood shade; steel headrail and brackets.
  • Graber Simple Selections 2" Real Wood Blinds, 23" x 72"
    The effortless and modern way to dress up your windows, these real wood blinds from Simple Selections offer a simply stunning and natural enhancement to your decor. A classic choice for adding privacy and keeping sunlight at bay. Snowstorm. Wood slats; Steel headrail.
  • Home Basics Fauxwood High Gloss Blinds 22-27" x 64"
    Introduce rich, glossy tones to any setting with these High Gloss window blinds. Each offers a custom, contemporary look for your view. White. PVC.
  • Simple Fit Room Darkening 36-36 7/8" x 72" Cellular Shade
    Everything you need to darken your room in an instant! This single-cell shade blocks out light to create the restful atmosphere you desire, without drills, screws or brackets. A breeze to assemble, all it takes is the push of a button to lock you shade into place. Easily adjust shade height by lowering or raising the shade, no messy cords here! Cream. Polyester shade; aluminum head rail and bottom rail.
  • Home Basics Cordless Light Filtering Single Cellular Shades, 22-25" x 64"
    Give your rooms a refreshing glow with this cordless, light-filtering cellular shade. Featuring a unique single cellular design that allows soft light to illuminate any space while still maintaining your privacy. Also features a sleek cordless design that allows you to adjust the shade height simply by moving the bottom bar. WHITE. Polyester.
  • Blinds in a Box Temporary Window Blinds
    As seen on Dragon's Den, Blinds in a Box is a leading design choice that provides a temporary solution to your window problems. Super easy to put up, just use the adhesive tabs to attach to any window. With 2 clips for easy opening and closing of the blinds, they are perfect for any room in the house. Each set includes 3 blinds. For those who have just moved and are looking for an easy way to add privacy to the house before you choose curtains, this blind set is a practical design that is sure to please. Dimensions: 91cm Width x 183cm Length.
  • Home Basics Cordless Woven Bamboo Zigzag Roman Shade 23" x 64"
    Crafted from beautiful bamboo wood, this roman shade brings a cool, exotic look to any window space. Features a cordless design for easy operation and added safety, plus it fully blocks out light. Brown. Bamboo wood.
  • Home Basics Cordless Roman Damask Stripe Shade 22-29" x 64"
    Gorgeous Damask stripes cascade in layers, transforming the look of any home decor. The Damask Stripe roman shade combines effortless style with safe, cordless motion, making for convenient style right at your fingertips. Ivory. Polyester.
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  • Home Basics Cordless Sunscreen Roller Shade 22-25" x 64"
    Enjoy the view while keeping harmful rays at bay. Both durable and convenient, this cordless sunscreen roller shade from Home Basics works well with any decor. White. PVC/polyester.
  • Graber Simple Selections 1" Aluminum Blinds 23" x 72"
    A perfect addition to any modern setting, these Simple Selections aluminum blinds offer optimal heat and light control with added durability. Offered in an array of easy-to-coordinate tones, these blinds make updating a breeze. White. Steel headrail/aluminum slats.
  • Home Basics Cordless Silk Roman Shades, 22-25" x 64"
    Elegant, yet understated, this cordless silk roman shade brings high style and undeniable luxury into your home. Featuring 100% silk in an array of chic hues that filter light beautifully. Window treatments also feature a convenient cordless design that allows you to easily adjust the shade height. GOLDEN. Silk.
  • Home Basics 2" Bamboo Wood Blinds, 34-39" x 64"
    Give your room a natural look of sophistication. Featuring wide ladder strings and generous 2" panels, these bamboo wood blinds make over any space with distinction. Window treatments include wand control that adjusts blinds to the angle you desire and string functionality to adjust height. Also includes valance. OAK. Bamboo wood blinds; PVC headrail and bottom rail.
  • Home Basics Bamboo Wood Roman Shade 32-34" x 64"
    Thick slats of bamboo wood are woven together to create variegated tonal look in this contemporary Bamboo Roman shade from Home Basics. Offered in an array of hues, this Roman shade gives the perfect sleek and modern update with nice light-filtering capability. Natural. Bamboo wood shade; steel headrail and brackets.
  • Home Basics Cordless Semi-Sheer Roller Shade 23" x 66"
    Enjoy the view and let a little light shine in with the Cordless Semi-Sheer Fabric Roller Shade from Home Basics. Features light-filtering fabric with a cordless design for ease of operation and a safer alternative. Bison. Polyester.
  • Home Basics Cordless Light Filtering 1" Pleated Shades, 22-30" x 64"
    What if you could fill your room with soft, natural light and maintain your privacy? With this light-filtering pleated shade, you can! Featuring horizontal pleating for a sleek, versatile look and a convenient cordless design that allows you to easily adjust the shade height. WHITE. Polyester.
  • Home Basics Cordless Light Filtering Double Cellular Shades, 22-27" x 64"
    Featuring two rows of insulating cells, this cordless light-filtering double cellular shade illuminates your room while still providing the privacy you desire. Featuring versatile hues and a sleek, modern design that complements any type of decor. The easy-to-use cordless functionality allows you to adjust shade height by simply moving the bottom bar. WHITE. Polyester.
  • Home Basics Faux Silk Roller Roman Shade 22-29" x 64"
    A smooth alternative to standard Roman shades, this faux silk Roman roller shade features a streamlined design with an ultra-soft hand. Perfect for adding elegance and texture to any room, it is also lined for convenience and cordless for added safety. Ivory. Polyester.
  • Home Basics Cordless 1" Room Darkening Pleated Shades, 22-25" x 64"
    Create the lighting atmosphere you desire without sacrificing style with these cordless, room-darkening pleated shades. Metallized to evenly block out light, these sleek shades feature a modern pleat design in a range of versatile hues to complement any decor. The cordless design allows you to easily adjust each shade to the height you require. WHITE. Polyester.