Adeline's (OC) stuff

Name: Adeline Kasia Lowell née Chabrier
Race: Hylian
Age: 20
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 120
Occupation: Healer/Herbalist
Weapons: dagger
Special skills: Herbalism/potion making, healing, basic hand sewing and embroidery
Magic: simple healing spells, and two fire and wind based defense spell, but they all tire her if she uses magic for prolonged periods of time.
Items: A dagger, she learned that it's best to always have a way to defend yourself. A medium sized (think messenger bag sized) herbal/medical/healing kit, filled with gauze bandages, tincture, potions, salves, a mortar and pestle, and a few basic medical instruments.
Brief Bio: Like the ideal nobleman's wife, Adeline is rather quiet and reserved. She some trouble trusting people, yet fears that people will abandon her . Extremely caring, she tries to help people when ever she can. Yet she's never turned down monetary compensation. Her tendency to bottle up her negative emotions, causes her lash out in rage, or to break down emotionally. Despite all she's been through she's somewhat of a romantic, and generally keeps a positive and hopeful view of life.
Adeline is more of a healer than a fighter, but when it's needed she can defend herself using the few offensive spells that she knows. She only knows simple fire and wind spells. They only last as long as she can hold them, which depends on many factors, such as concentration, and how much she exerts herself. When necessary she will fight with a dagger, aiming for the vital organs to stop the fight as quickly as possible.
Adeline was born into Hylian nobility, to a slightly dysfunctional family. Her father resent her, for not being male, while her mother never paid much attention to her, because she was busy throwing parties or playing match maker. She received the standard Hylian education in magic, history, and religion. Her tutors noticed that she excelled in magic, so her parents planned to send her to Castle Town where she could further her studies in magic. But her father drove her family into a deep debt, so they lost a lot of their fortune. In order to recover from their debt, her parents arranged a marriage with a another noble man in his late thirties. They were married as soon as she turned seventeen. Within weeks she became the victim of her husband's endless emotional and physical abuse. Soon she turned to a young knight, Nicolas for comfort, and the two became lovers. During her eighteenth year she gave birth to a son, Jean. The next two years were spent raising her son while trying to keep his true parentage a secret. After three years of abuse, her infidelity was nearly found out. Fearing her death, she ran away taking her son, book and jewelry, with her. She is now supporting herself and her son by healing the sick, and selling medicines.
Appearance: Adeline is fair skinned with long chestnut brown hair, and hazel eyes. She stands, five feet tall, with a small frame and a decent figure. She wears a simple linen lavender smock, and purple over dress, which shows off some of her assets. On her right wrist is a gold bracelet with her family crest emblazoned, the triforce surrounded by Helmaroc plumes and roses.

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