A Deadly Game
Angelica Bichcova

friday, february 3rd, 2012-because it is the wedding month, bachelor and bachelorette parties are a must. we are all flying out to las vegas to enjoy the next couple days. be ready because it's about to be a booze filled weekend.

I chuckled watching Mari make her way out the door of the plane. Even though it was still winter the Vegas sun was shining brightly, warming my bare arms as I joined everyone on the stairs. I mimicked Mari as I slipped my sunglasses on, lifting my face to the sky and letting out the rare smile.
I heard Mari whoop, fist pumping the air, “He.ll yeah! Time for some partying!” I c huckled, shaking my head as I lowered my face looking at her.
“You sound like me,” I teased, joining them on the private tarmac. The boys were piling out of the plane after us, laughing and joking. This was definitely going to be an interesting weekend to say the least.
They were letting out cat-calls and shouts of excitement, much like we were as we moved towards out limo.
"Legs for days!" someone shouted, causing our group to stop. I shot a look at Mari, chuckling. Clearly the comment was meant for her and the short shorts she was sporting. 
"Thanks!" she shouted back, sending a small kiss towards the group. Again I felt myself chuckle, knowing it wasn't to the general group, but someone in particular. But this was her weekend, and I wasn't going to ruin it for her. Plus, it was a chance to see a different side of her.
We piled into our own limo, as the revelry continued. A loud pop filled the space, followed by a champagne cork whizzing though the air. More shouts of glee filled the limo as glasses of champagne were passed around. Toasts and cheers ruled the trip to the hotel, starting the weekend right.
The moment I stepped into the lobby, I let out a sigh. It was humid in Vegas, which always made me slightly grouchy. I checked in, turning to grab my bag, when I saw Dimtri hanging back with Igor. I shot him a glare, determined not to let him ruin this weekend for me.
He returned the glare, whispering something to Igor, before walking off towards the elevators. I shook my head, feeling a bad mood coming one. I waved to Mari, heading to the elevators. I needed a few mini bottles of booze and a nap, before things kicked off.
I entered my room a little while later, dropping my bags and bee-lining right to the mini-fridge. I pulled it open, snagging two bottles of vodka. I twisted the top off the first, chugging it down. I tossed the bottle away, twisting open the top of the second one and downing it.
Soon enough the lure of my bed called to me and I plopped down on it. I let out a sigh, feeling the vodka making my eyelids heavy. Laying back, I didn't even remember falling asleep.
"Angel?" The voice rang through my ears followed by the rhythm of knocking. I groaned, rolling over and burying my head in the soft pillows. I heard my name again, followed by more rapid fire knocking. I let out a frustrated sigh, sitting up. I was going to kill whoever was at the door. I didn't care.
I pulled the door open, my eyes blurring as I glared at the person there, "What?" My brain registered that it was Mari, and I felt slightly bad for snapping.
"Let's go to the bar!" she smiled, pushing into the dark room. I let out a sigh, turning. Oddly enough, i really didn't want to go to the bar. I could drink in my room just as easily, plus I had the sneaking feeling that I would run into a moody Dimtri there.
"You're not even 21," I muttered, closing the door. It sounded hypocritical, seeing as I wasn't even 21 yet, but that never stopped the bars in New York from serving me. I made my way to the bed, seeing her pleading face smiling at me.
“That’s never stopped me before,” She retorted pulling out an outfit out of my closet. “Let’s go. You’re the only person I can drink with!” 
Something in her face broke me, as I felt a grin spread across my face. I was the only person she could drink with, since most bartenders were too afraid not to serve me. Plus it was safer for her to drink with me, since it took a whole hell of a lot more alcohol to get me drunk than her.
“Fine. I’ll go with you.” I laughed, watching her jump up and do a little dance. All of my issues and anger drained away seeing how happy it made her, as I made my way to change into the slinky black sequined number she'd pulled out for me. I came back into the room, grinning at her.
She really wasn't dressed to hit up a Vegas nightclub. I walked to her, as she gave my outfit a nod. It was easy to find something sultry in my closet, that's about all I had, but her outfit needed work. “If you’re going to go, you have to adjust the top.” I tugged the top down, showing just the tops of her bra. It was Vegas after all, and her bachalorette weekend, she was going to cut loose.
"This is fine," she chuckled, moving towards the door. I grabbed my bag, following her out. The whole way to the bar, she chattered on about how much fun this was going to be. I smiled and agreed, feeling something close to dread in my stomach as we neared the bar. Normally I would be having fun, cutting lose, but for some reason I had this nagging feeling things were going to go badly tonight.
Immediately I knew I was right, when we stepped into the bar. Igor and Dimtri were sitting on one of the couches, nursing their drinks. Igor saw us first, sending an appreciative smile towards Mari. “What are you two fine ladies doing at the bar this late?” 
I paused, not wanting to go a step closer as I felt Dimtri's glare land on me. I shivered, looking up and glaring in return. I couldn't really deny it any longer, I missed the flirting between us. But I couldn't back down from what I was doing, unless Mari said to let it go. It was going to pit us against each other until this was over. 
“Well hello,” Mari purred, moving towards the table. I dug my heels in, hoping she would get the hint, but it was obvious she didn't. She just tugged harder till we got to the table. I sat down harshly, crossing my arms. I couldn't help but look in Dimtri's direction as he looked down at his drink. mari on the other hand slid into the seat beside Igor, snuggling to his side. I watched as he whispered to her, and saw the reaction. The silence at the rest of the table drew out as Dimtri and I refused to look at each other.
"Let's play a game!" Dimtri shouted suddenly, "Shots! Tell two truths and a lie, and if one of us guesses right, you have to take a shot."
My head shot up suddenly, knowing what he was doing. Everyone knew Mari couldn't handle her alcohol and she would end up saying something that could risk everything for her. I started to shake my head, insisting that we do something else.
"Mari you start!" Dimtri proclaimed, ignoring me as he handed Mari a shot glass filled with vodka. I could feel my temper boiling as Mari said two lies and a truth. I saw right through it, knowing which one was the lie immediately. She seemed oblivious to the trap that was being set, as she chuckled, taking her first shot.
Round and round it went, though it seemed the two truths and lies kept going back to Mari more and more. She just kept giggling, going on about how horrible she was at the game. I shook my head, wanting to get out of there right that second.
“Mari, how are things?” Dimtri asked, leaning forward. The question would have been innocent coming from anyone else, but not him. I bit my tongue as Mari struggled to respond. Her words were slurred as she struggled to focus. I'd had enough, as I stood up.
"Dimtri shut up," I growled, reaching for Mari. "Let's go Mari." I grabbed her arm, feeling her pull away, snuggling deeper into Igor's arms. I growled in frustration, tugging harder on her arm.
"I'll take care of her," Igor hissed, tightening his grip around her. 
“Sure you will,” I let a sarcastic sigh escaped my lips. “Let’s go Mari.” I literally pried her off Igor and and started moving towards the door. The whole time I was seething. It was a low, dirty trick the two of them had played. As we made our way back tot he room, I couldn't help but wonder if I should just tell Mari what I'd overheard in the hospital. 
I knew I couldn't be there with her at all times, and eventually Igor or Dimtri was going to pull a similar stunt and Mari was going to spill everything. It wasn't just her and Ivan that were at risk when it came to light. I would have just as large of a target on my back for orchestrating this plot.
All I had to do was get her back to her room, and I was sure that Nastia would handle her from there. She was going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning that was for sure. She kept insisting that we go back to my room, that she just wanted to sleep there.
“Mari, you have got to act-” I started, getting cut off by her hand flying up wildly. She glared at me, opening her mouth to talk.
"Stopchastizingme." she slurred. I shook my head, opening the door. I wasn't trying to chastise her, I just wanted her to be careful. But how did I do that without revealing what I knew. She stumbled past me, flopping on the bed. Pulling the covers free, she snuggled under them, falling asleep before I could say another word.
I just shook my head, watching her as I plopped down on the couch. I kicked my heels off, still watching her. I was scared for her. Scared of what this marriage could do to her. I knew I needed to back off where my opinion of Igor was concerned, if for no other reason that Mari. She needed me to be positive for her. I let out a sigh, pulling my feet up next to me on the couch as I dropped my head back against the couch. Right now I just needed to sleep and regroup.

('I see your trap you're setting' if you read it all. All credit for this story goes to the wonderful @nifty-nikki She wrote a great story and I just filled my character into it! Thanks for being so understanding with me being sick Nikki!!)
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