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A Deadly Game
Marinka Pirvonova

wednesday, february 29th, 2012-of course it comes down to the one day that only happens every four years. while angel, mari, and a couple others snuck out to chase the rat, everyone else is on lockdown at Ron's Shope.

It was time to deal with this rat. Angel had heard some information that it was Yuri. She had always been a little shifty, but I never pegged her as someone that would rat everyone out. She loved most people in the business, especially Igor. They had been friends since as long as I can remember, and that was why I had my doubts about her.

“Are you ready? I heard one of the Italians saying the rat was at this abandoned warehouse just up the road,” Angel stated speeding past the cars. She wanted to get there, and she wanted to get there now.

“Yeah, yeah I am,” I gulped sitting back in the chair. She sped up finally reaching the destination. 

The warehouse parking lot was empty and eerie all at the same time. She pulled to the backside where she finagled a door open. I sat in the car waiting for her, but when she came back, she gave me news that I did not want to hear.

“Stay here. Here’s a gun to protect yourself, but don’t get out,” she demanded shutting the door behind her. She had the keys and locked the door. She clearly wanted me to stay in the car and not come out. She must have known something and didn’t want anything to go wrong.

Well, the rebellious side in me took over and compelled me to get out of the car. The alarm didn’t go off, so Angel must have forgotten to double click the remote. I walked out of the car, quietly shut the door and plunged into the warehouse.

The cement floor echoed as my heels clicked on the ground. I eventually chose to slip off my heels and walk around in my socks. It was a lot quieter than I expected and the walls felt like they were closing in on me. I threw up my gun and held it poised and ready to go. 

I began to explore different rooms, walking around like a cop. I felt as if I was on a real job, like Nastia or Angel. Before I knocked down another door, I looked down at my stomach.

Oh Baby, you’re going to have an intense nine months.

I kept exploring the rooms listening for any abnormal sounds. I got to the top of the stairs and entered one of the many rooms when I heard more footsteps coming this way. I hid behind a stone pillar waiting for the perpetrator to walk in. The running stopped and slowed down as the person entered the room. I had my gun ready and jumped out to attack the person. 


Yuri was the one I fought against, finally forcing her to let go of the gun. I kicked her in the knee, forcing her to fall to the ground. I held my gun to her eyelevel and stared her down.

“Mari, what the he.ll?” she yelled trying to get up. I clicked the gun, and Yuri kneeled back on the ground. She stared up at me with wide eyes, and I almost put the gun down. But then I remembered that she was the rat.

“You’re the rat!” I screamed at her jerking the gun at her. A confused look crossed over her face and she put it all together.

“I’m not the rat! I’m being set up,” she replied in a calm voice. I shook my head holding the gun closer to her face.

“No, you’re lying. You’re the rat.” I glared down at her co.cking back the gun, “And you’re going to pay for it.” I was about to shoot when she started talking.

“You can’t do it. You can’t kill. You don’t have the ability to kill me; the guilt would eat you alive,” she wore that same unreadable expression. “Think about it. Would you want your kid knowing what you did? It’s not like you kill like Igor does; you’re one and only kill will be remember forever.”

I hesitated for a moment. I didn’t want my kid knowing that I had murdered someone, even if you considered shutting out the rat out a murder. Still though, I would never want my child to know about this. Heck, I don’t even want the baby to know about Igor and all his murders. This baby would be a target when it grows up because Igor has probably made so many enemies.

The thoughts continued to run through my mind causing me to hesitate. My hand faltered, the gun shaking in my hand, and Yuri stole this opportunity. She snatched the gun out of my hand and pointed it back down at me. She forced me onto the ground, laying flat on my stomach. She pointed the gun at the back of my head as she stood over me.

“What does Igor even see in you; you’re spineless and weak,” Yuri insulted. Her hate went deep, and I mean deep. She must be holding a grudge against me after all the years of being handed everything.

“You’re not even worth his time,” she spat digging her heel into my back. “How could you think that I was the rat? It wouldn’t even make sense. I have too much to lose…” she trailed off staring off into the distance. She liked Igor, or she had feelings for him. She continued to dig at my back, pressing my stomach farther into the cement. Pain shot up through my body as she pressed harder, but all of a sudden the pressure was lifted off.

I looked to the side where I saw Angel fighting with Yuri. Eventually Angel won out and stood above her, gun poised and ready to shoot. They were exchanging words but I was too busy worrying about the pain I was in. It wasn’t a serious pain, but I hurt all over, especially where she stepped on me.

“You’re going to pay,” Angel hissed loud enough for me to hear. She was about to shoot when Igor ran in stopping her from doing so. We were all coming close to death today.

“Stop it!” He yelled out pushing Angel back. He kneeled by Yuri to check on the gash at her head. He didn’t even notice me as I lay there unable to move, mostly out of fear. Dimitri followed after him, looked at Igor and finally found me. He rushed over and helped me up to my feet, not noticing a single thing.

“You two are crazy!” Igor shouted. He motioned for us to come into another room, and we all followed him into the other room, which left Yuri alone in the other room.

As we stood in that room in silence, I realized something. Igor and Yuri had feelings for each other. It had been there for a while, and I was just now realizing it. The way he looked at her was a similar way he looked at me. It didn’t make sense. Why would he risk everything after he married me? If he kept up those feelings for Yuri and Papa found out, Igor would lose all standings and possibly be killed. He married me knowing that he would gain importance in the business, and he would throw it all away for nothing.

“You two are idiots. Did you guys even bother to do your research?” He screamed mostly at Angel but looked over at me sometimes. I had to stop myself from crossing my hands over my stomach and drawing attention to it.

“Yes, yes we did!” Angel screamed back getting in his face. They screamed at each other while Dimitri analyzed me. Why was he still looking at me with that serious face?

“Mari, do you have something to tell me?” Dimi whispered as he came to sit by me. He lightly brushed my midsection, and I inhaled a bit.

“No, no I don’t,” I lied hiding my eyes from him. 

Dimi chuckled a bit and leaned over, “I’ll find out, if I don’t know already.” He pushed a little on my stomach, and I knew he knew. “Your secret is safe with me.” A sigh escaped my lips but the relief was short lived.

Igor charged over me and took my arm in a vice grip, “And you! I told you not to go messing around in this kind of business!” He roared at me, tightening his grip. There was definitgely going to be a bruise when he was done.

“Igor, stop…” I whimpered as he pulled me in close. “Stop…” I pleaded with him. He had a crazy look in his eyes, and he wouldn’t stop.

“Mari,” he whispered in an angry tone. His grip loosened and his arm swung back at his side. My hand flew up to my bicep and rub the muscle. Suddenly, Igor turned in the direction of the other room and ran into it.

“No!” He screamed in the other room. Things echoed as he struck different things. He was so upset over whatever was missing. Then it clicked. Yuri must be gone or missing from the room. 

“Urg!” He screamed again, sending shivers up my spine. Igor was upset over someone else; he wasn’t even caring that he hurt me. I was the wife, the woman that /had/ to stand by him.

“Mari, are you okay?” Angel asked walking over to me. She wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me close. I nodded, sniffling and wiping away some tears. 

Why was I crying? I shouldn’t be crying over this. I should be happy about this after all I wanted to be with Ivan, or so I thought. I sat there with Angel, silent tears streaming down my face. I felt crappy inside and sad; I really just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed.

“Mari, it’s okay,” she said giving me a tight squeeze. “I’m right here.”

Igor charged in, his gun out and flying. The anger covered his entire face as he stormed around the room yelling obsceneties. He wanted Yuri. He wanted to protect her, I believe. It didn’t matter though because the stake in my heart kept twisting and twisting.

“I’m-” I started to say when Ivan walked into the room.

“You’re what?” Dimitri piped in with a wry smile on his face. He knew, and he wanted me to tell.

“I’m…pregnant,” I whispered as collective gasps echoed through the room. Igor rushed towards me and picked me up. He wore the biggest smile his face could hold.

For a second I actually thought that happened. I thought everyone was happy for me, but I was wrong. I had imagined the whole thing. It was a fictional event that I had planned to make myself feel better.

“I’m a little under the weather,” I said leaning against Angel to appear sicker. Dimitri shook his head with a smirk on his face. He wanted me just to spit it out, but I wanted to on my own time.

“Let’s get you home then,” Igor said weakly coming over to wrap his arm around my ribs. He lead me home and we fell onto the bed trying to forge the day.

He had lost his friend while I had to stare death in the eye.

It had been an interesting day.

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