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Marinka Pirvonova
A Deadly Game

sunday, march 4th, 2012; the romanovs decided to have a big family dinner just for themselves. dimitri, ryan, nastia, nick and mari will all be taken away for the night. the rest of you will be doing deals and giving people a reason to trust the russians.

Tonight Papa wanted to have all the Romanovs in New York to come to dinner tonight. He wanted it to be a bonding experience for everyone, since Dimitri and Ryan had been a little distant lately at least from Papa. I think this was Papa’s plan to get us all under one roof. I feel like it was all a ploy for him.

This dinner gave me the perfect opportunity to tell the parents about the baby. I wanted Mama to know because she would be super excited for me. Papa would be happy, but not as happy as Mama. In his mind, this was my job; women, except Nastia, were meant to continue on the bloodline.

“Where’s Nastia?” Ryan asked impatiently from one of the table. Dimitri sat neck to him sipping on his wine glass. Papa was about to answer when the doorbell rang.

“Mari, can you go get that?” I nodded and got up. Thoughts flittered through my mind as I walked to the door.

“Hel…lo,” I said pulling out the word. Nastia stood on the door mat with Bryan next to her. “What is /he/ doing here?” I whispered pointing at him.

“Papa wanted to meet him,” she replied easily taking a step over the thresh hold. I looked over at Bryan who wore the usual surprise people got after looking at the foyer.

I sped up to her side and pulled her back gently, “When did you tell Papa about Bryan? I thought you wanted to let him know another time.”

“Relax,” she responded easily. “It would only last so long before I looked like a true pregnant whale. Papa just wants to meet Bryan, he says the last name sounds familiar and he promised he would kill him.” 

“Kill me?” Bryan overheard in alarm, his blue eyes bulging. Nastia laughed, shaking her head. “No Bryan, not kill you on the first night. We’re not that ruthless.”

I glared at Nastia. Papa /was/ that ruthless. He wasn’t afraid to step over the line. The three of us walked into the dining room. Papa sat at the head of the table, and upon seeing Bryan he stood up.

“You must be Bryan,” he stated staring straight at Bryan. We all took our seats, and waited for someone to break the silence.

Bryan shook it back, “It’s nice to meet you as well, Sir.” 

Everyone sat at the rectangular table, a silence filling the room. Bryan was luckily seated beside me holding my hand gently underneath the table. “So Bryan,” Papa said breaking the silence. “Son of Mark and Alicia O’Connor, a former police officer, and the father to my future grandchild.” 

An audible gasp was heard around the table eyes all suddenly on Nastia’s stomach. She looked down a slight blush on her cheeks. Mama made a squeaking sound in surprise. She probably didn’t expect Nastia to have a baby first. Nastia had just stolen my thunder, or rather Papa stole it for her. Now, I definitely could not tell everyone about my pregnancy tonight.

“Do you know who your father was?” Papa asked, ignoring the state of awe he just put the table in. Dimitri, Ryan and Nick all had their mouths agape

Bryan gulped, “I’m afraid I only know he left my mother shortly after I was born.” 

“Did you know he was in the mafia? He used to sit beside me,” Papa explained.

Wait, Bryan had connections to the mafia with a last name like O’Connor? If anything, I would imagine that he belonged in the Irish mob with that kind of last name. Papa had dropped a bomb, and waited for someone to say something. Dimi poked me in my side and I looked up at him.

“What?” I whispered as he smirked down at me.

“Your thunder’s stolen,” he stated taking another sip of his wine. We stared at each other until Papa’s voice pulled us both out.

“With everyone else in a state of pure astonishment, Papa continued. “Years ago, your father moved to America from Russia like most of us, but changed his name upon arriving to something more American. We all thought it was a bad idea. But your father was never a listener. He met Alicia a few years after my father died, and had your older brother nine months later. Alicia started catching on about your father’s secret life, and left to live in the suburbs. At the time, I bet she didn’t know she was pregnant with you. I was very good friends with Mark back in the day, but he was killed tragically in an accident that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

I let out a small gasp. Wow, Bryan had huge ties to our family, but the big question was if he was going to accept the new ties. He was a part of law enforcement, so he had a duty to protect the City. I looked over at Ryan who was texting away, probably with Ania, and I looked over at Dimitri who was utterly shocked. 

“Whoa, I never saw that coming,” he said out loud, causing Papa to look over at us. Papa just ignored us and focused in on Bryan. He wasn’t going to let this go.

“Anastasia, unsuspectingly, chose perfectly yet again.” Papa admitted in a rare public stage of emotion. “Is there any other surprises Anastasia?” 

She smirked, “We’re having a baby girl,” she stated looking over at Bryan. The two of them looked so happy and in perfect bliss. “Due in early May.” 

I looked over at Mama who scoffed as Nastia. It was most definitely about Nastia not being married. At least I knew that Mama would support me when I told her about my marriage. Nastia was clearly Papa’s favorite. He didn’t even acknowledge the fact that Nastia was having a child out of wedlock.

“Whoa…whoa…” I said out loud. “A girl?”

Bryan nodded, “We found out earlier this morning,” he answered me comfortably. I looked over at Nastia who was beaming. She had told me when we were younger that she wanted boys, but I wondered now if she really cared. A healthy baby was a baby.

“Well, congrats! I’m so glad to hear that the baby is healthy and on its way!” I returned a big smile on my face. I was happy for the two of them. I couldn’t wait to meet my little niece.

“Bryan, you know Marinka?” Papa asked raising an eyebrow.

I took a sharp intake of breath, ready to explain. I needed to lie, and I needed to lie.

Nastia gulped and started talking before I could even start my lies, “Yes, they met accidently a month ago at our apartment. I asked her not to tell you, it’s my fault.” I watched Papa’s face soften, and a small smile settle on his lips. He really didn’t care that Nastia had lied to him for almost three years.

“Well, you know Marinka, but you don’t know the rest of the family.” Papa went around the table introducing everyone to Bryan, making him feel part of the family.

And I guess Bryan already was. From Papa’s story, Bryan’s father had been very close to Papa, so close he sounded almost family. Papa was going to accept Bryan no matter what from what I could tell. A) Bryan was the son of his best friend, and b) Bryan was with Nastia, his favorite child.

“Excuse me,” Nastia pushed away from the table “I have to go to the bathroom,” she said in an excuse heading towards the mahogany doors. I waited a few minutes, and followed soon after her.

“Nastia,” I said standing in the doorway with my hands on my hips.

She down on the couch in the foyer, and I followed her, sitting next to her. “What’s wrong?” she asked taking my hands in hers.

“It’s just been a hard week,” I told her. 

I didn’t want to tell her the full truth, so I omitted most of it. It really had been a hard week, with what happened with Yuri and the funeral. And the fact that I didn’t know if the baby was Ivan’s or Igor’s. I had managed to push back those thoughts and forget about them, but they slowly floated back to the surface.

“You know you can tell me,” she muttered, “Because I know something is up. Bryan’s fine, or at least I hope he’s fine in there on his own.” 

Could I really tell her the truth? She would just judge me and scold me. She would tell me that I needed to take a paternity test as soon as possible. I already knew that, and I made an appointment this morning. I was going to figure out who this baby belonged to. But I didn’t know if I wanted to tell anyone about it.

“You can’t tell anyone this, and I mean it. You’re already going to judge me for it,” I told her as I got up to shut the doors. 

“Igor wasn’t my first time like you thought; Ivan was, and he was a two day marathon for me,” I whispered ducking my head down. I didn’t want to see her reaction.

She laughed softly, “Mari, do you think Bryan was my first time?” She reassured her, “But I’m in love with Bryan now, and wouldn’t want to sleep with my first time again. I see the way Igor looks at you, and if it Ivan’s baby, well we’ll see what happens. The best part about this is that you have six months to figure out what you want to do.”

I took a deep breath. It felt so good to know that Nastia was on my side. It felt good to tell someone as well. Nastia was definitely the rock in our friendship. She kept things grounded and stopped me from acting like a total drama queen. I owed her a lot after how many times she saved my as.s

“Thank you, thank you,” I repeated giving her a hug. A small tear escaped my eye, but I wiped it away before Nastia could see it. It felt really good to know that she supported me. “Should we be heading back?” I asked. Nastia nodded and we made our way back into the dining room.

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Wrote 5 years ago
@emmylou thank you! and @withlove-kirsten totally owns it!
@cj-awesomesauce thanks! and that was all kirsten's idea. it was soooo good!

Wrote 5 years ago
't him up!' Oooo wow, now that's a twist!!! Bryan has links to the mafia!! And the end with her and Nastia talking, I love it!!!


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