adopting the modern luxurious life

OWNER: Atticus James Volkov
Address: 1906 27th St. NE Bellevue, Washington
Job: lawyer, club owner
-Atticus' kids
-Adriana Seraphina Volkov; one year old
loves to laugh and run around and throw balls and stuffed animals
-Peter "Pete" Joshua Volkov; 14 years old
plays hockey, baseball, basketball, and football, gets SUPER straight-A's, does parkour with Liam, Gigi + Steven
-Liam Jacob Volkov; 15 years old
plays football, basketball, hockey, and does boxing, gets A's, does parkour with Pete, Gigi + Steven
-Steven Jeremiah Volkov; 17 years old
does professional parkour, skateboarding, snowboarding, and dirt-biking
-Gigi Lauden Adeline Volkov; 13 years old
plays professional soccer, gets straight-A's, does parkour with Liam, Pete + Steven
Story: Atticus was in love with his next door neighbor, Jeneva since kindergarten. They started going out when he was a senior and she was a sophomore. After he got her pregnant and someone had adopted their baby, he graduated and Jeneva moved in with him. When he was 21, he and Jeneva had a large fight and broke up.
He became a Harvard law graduate; then he became a judge. But he grew tired of it and decided to just be a lawyer. He was named the best lawyer in his firm.
He adopted Peter at 5 years old and Liam at 5 years old. He adopted Steven at 13, after being his lawyer for stealing a car and selling drugs (he didn't, though). Thirteen years after his baby was born, he heard news that his daughter needed blood and rushed to the hospital. There, he met again Jeneva and fell in love again and met his lovely daughter, Gigi.
Liam, Pete, Steven and Gigi met and they stayed there as long as they could, becoming immediate best friends. They slept in the room overnight and the next day, when she was checked out, they went shopping.
Gigi gets along well with Peter. She, Liam and Steven have HUGE sibling rivalry, but they get along just as well. They all love Savannah very much. In the mornings in the summer, they three go and run 5-10 miles, while doing parkour. In the fall, winter + spring, they just train in the personal gym. For fun, they go downtown and go to the arcade or go eat burgers or window shopping or something of that matter. They all become really close by the first few hours that they first met.
Gigi is the nicest one of the four, with Steven next, then Liam, then Pete. They're the favorites of everyone in the city; the teachers, their peers, the doormen of hotels they visit to steal food and such (very fun). Sometimes, they all sleep in the same bed in the basement, especially during storms and blackouts.

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