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Adult Survivors of Abuse

This group is for ADULTS dealing with issues of abuse (childhood and/or beyond). For that reason we have an application entry. We ask that you describe briefly your reason for joining the group. There are reasons for joining other than being a survivor. We welcome new members warmly and you will find support and acceptance. BECAUSE OF THE SENSITIVITY AND CONTENT OF ARTWORK DEALING WITH ABUSE ISSUES, YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 16 YEARS OLD TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS GROUP. Art therapy can help release or express feelings. For those dealing with dissociation, trauma art is welcome. This is a place to share our trauma and healing art. Feel free to express yourselves. The only limitation is that we all try to avoid explicit images that might be construed as pornographic and endure the wrath of Polyvore. Nudity appears to be fine in the context of art, but displaying the male anatomy might be misinterpreted by outsiders. Using a metaphor is preferred. If you feel strongly that you must use a certain image, maybe try to cover most of it? It is possible that those of us with fragile emotions may "hear" a Polyvore reprimand as something devastating and we don't want that. Along the lines of fragile emotions be supportive of members and encourage them to wait for their own answers. We want to provide insight to consider or to share our experience and hope. However we want to avoid giving interpretation on others sets or interjecting what they should believe. CAUTION TO NEW MEMBERS: A number of members have DID (extreme dissociation and amnesia for horrific childhood abuse). Their sets can be very graphic at times. While you do not all have to look at every other members set you may come across them when browsing. We work together to support each other so you might see messages about triggering and programming. If you feel that might be too intense for you, there is a group called Polyvore Art Therapy where members deal with intense emotions but not necessarily the intensity we do. With regard to triggers: Due to the nature of abuse issues we have members who will possibly find themselves feeling triggered by certain images or word. We want every member to be responsible for keeping themselves safe. This may mean not looking at certain sets. Each of us has to be aware of our own limitations. Welcome to the group! If you need help, please contact Cindyfaye, Sunnys-System or Mishmashed
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