Name: Aeryn Watson
age: 24
hometown: Austin, Texas
bio: Growing up without her parents, Aeryn and her brother who grew up living at their uncle’s place knew nothing comes easily. When her brother had enough money to rent a place, they moved out and decided to path their own journeys. The then 16 years old Aeryn said to herself she’ll have her own shop. After graduating from a designing school, Aeryn got a job at a florist shop. A few months later, the owner had to move to another town and the ever more interested Aeryn, with a little money help from her brother, took over the shop and called it her own. She did a little renovation and had happily owned the business for a year now. With bigger companies ordering flowers from her for their events, her business is growing bigger and she’s in her happy bubble moment. But things always turn bad when something good happens. The landlord decided to double the rent, and after calculating all the fees, she can only pay ¾ of the rent. Allure Events had just offered a partnership with her shop but the starting payment could only help out that much and she’s still in big trouble. It’s either the shop, or a different career option.
occupation: owner of a boutique florist shop
likes: flowers, wrapping papers, notebooks, arts, coffee, music, sketching, vintage stuffs
dislikes: snobs, alleys, know-it-alls, rabbits, hair extensions, fakers
looks: kate harrison
status: single

- Blake Watson (30)
looks: Ian Somerhalder

best friend
- Cal Andreas (27)
looks: Tobias Sorensen

- Jacquelyn Duchannes (26)
looks: Natasha Barnard

- Grant Tucker (26)
looks: Clint Mauro
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