Name: Grant Tucker
age: 26
hometown: South Padre Island, Texas
bio: Grant grew up in a lovely house, surrounded by a big family, two sisters and two brothers, were constant in his life, his parents died in a car crash soon after Leah, his younger sister was born, and they were all raised by their grandparents, it hurts to think about them but he was the middle child so it really wasn't a big impact on his life, because he was still a very small child.
He is charming and funny, a true southern boy with a city twist, sarcastic and witty. He was in love with a aspiring country singer, and she moved to New York, he was hurt, but wasnt a huge breakup, but it made him a little wary about girls.
He loves girls and having fun, but won't jump into a big relationship.
occupation: event photographer
likes: surfing, exercise, the beach, going out, lay back, hammocks, beer, weed.
dislikes: city rush, traffic, cocaine, neon lights, cold weather, starbucks
looks: Clint Mauro
status: single/complicated


The sun was shining super brightly, it was an outdoors wedding, and the bride was beautiful, Grant hated photographing ugly brides because, no amount of photoshop in the world was going to turn out the way he wanted. 
But this one was different, and it was a friend of his, getting married, he was back home, on a freelance job in South Padre, shooting at this beautiful location, it was hard to pull out an event with only one photographer but this was a small beautiful wedding, with fifteen guests each.

They were in a close condo, and his job was done, he had taken the pictures, he knew they would be beautiful, sunset photos with the bride and groom, fun shots in the ocean with them, and photos with everyone, he was happy with his job and now he could enjoy the party.

"Hey, do you have a card, im very interested in your work" a gorgeous brunette said comming closer to where Grant was, zipping all his lenses and camera back into the bags.
 "I sure do, what do you need beautiful?" he said standing and pulling out his business card from his wallet, she smiled at him and placed the car in her clutch not taking her eyes off him, from the looks of her she must be friends with the groom, because he had never seen her before.
"I have some events i need photographing" she said and smirked. 

"Im sorry to say but i work only in Austin" he said and she shook her head. "Not a problem"

"Call me anytime, i happen to write my personal phone in the back of that specific card" he said and winked picking up his things and winking at her. 

"Dont mind me if i do" she smirked at him.
He grinned at her and took off to find the bride, she beamed at him and hugged him tightly 

"Are you done?" she said when she released him,

 "I did, and you and Drew look amazing, well you do, Drew is there and not yawning" he said and she frowned slapping his chest. 

"Shut up! I love him and he is not boring" she defended her husband.

"I know, i know squirt, im gonna take off i need to be on the road if i wanna make it to the city on time, i'll mail you everything, have a wonderful marriage honey" he said and kissed her cheek, she grinned at him and thanked him. giving him a plate bursting with food, he laughed at the southern hospitality.

He jumped on his Impala, and drove off.
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