Aella Constantinople {A SGHRP Bio Collection}

Pictures in the set::
Her - Aella {Lea Michele}
Sister - Gen {Lyndsy Fonseca}
Best Friends - Drizzle {Dianna Agron} and Shia {Chris Colfer}
Mother - Athena {Idina Menzel}
Sister - Gen {Lyndsy Fonseca}
Father - Jaq {Gabriel Aubry}
Boyfriend - Mathies Grimm {Allan Hyde}
Favorite Cousin and Best Friends Boyfriend - Dorian {Chord Overstreet}
Buddy and other BFF's Boyfriend - Noah {Darren Criss}
Not Pictured - - Brothers Bradley {Gerard Way} and Jace {Rick Malambri}
She is also close to her Second Cousin Amelia Gryffin {Kate Beckinsale} and Amelia's husband Cullen {Simon Baker} as well as their son Remy {Alex Pettyfer}.
Full Name: Aella Michele Constaninople
Nickname(s): Lala, Tink, Princess {sometimes her parents and siblings}
Age: 17 {July 29th}
Position: Dancer. :P
Height: 4'11
Weight: 97lbs. She's tiny!
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Hair: Dark Brown almost Black.
Skin: Olive-Tone
Wand: 13" Ebony, Chimera scale.
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Patronus: Penguin
Personality: Naive, Extremely sweet. She is kind to everyone. She loves meeting people. She knows exactly what she wants in life. She is a bit pushy to get what she wants. She believes in a One True Love. She believes that everyone has a soulmate. Constantly hyper. Constantly bouncing. Super optimistic, Supremely loving when it comes to her boyfriend and her best friends. In love with love.
Bio: From a young age Aella knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to entertain people. She wanted to evoke emotion out of people when she sang, be that emotion happiness, sadness, anger or lust, she wanted to bring people to tears.
She beged her parents at the age of four to put her in dance. She took tap, ballet, jazz, anything she could get her hands on. After dance came music. She finally found her voice at the age of 9 and when she saw Lion King on the stage she told her mother that that was where she wanted to be. Up on stage. She begged for voice lesson's adding on to her already hectic days. But she was doing what she wanted. And she excelled at it.
Aella is a daddy's girl. Well she's more the star in the eye of BOTH parents which at times has put her at odd with sister Gen. She is the baby girl of the family so both parents coddled her. They gave her what she wanted when she wanted it. But somehow she didn't exactly come out super spoiled. She got what she wanted but she didn't let it make her look down on other people. She loves giving things to disadvantaged children.
Aella may not be the smartest girl in the bunch but she finds that people think her to be stupid. It may be because of the house she's in as most people underestimate Hufflepuffs or it may be because of how hyper she is but Aella is bright. Her best subject is Charms. She has gotten an O for every test she has taken for the last three years. She enjoys charms because of the frivolity of a few of them. The charms that can make a person smile.
Aella's 6th year was the year of love. (I feel ridiculous saying it like that.) She finally got over her multi year crush on Slytherin Ash Davis and found the man she loves more than anything else. Mathies Grimm is her OTL. One True Love. Of course that is what most 16 year olds think of their first serious boyfriend... but who knows if they will last. (I do!)
Pets!- Aella is a huge and I mean HUGE animal lover. It came from her mother (who had reason's for the crazy animals). At the Constantinople house Aella has multiple large cat pets that usually live in her room. She has a tiger named Raj from her love of Alladin, a jaguar named Bagheera (Hera) and a male lion named Simba. All charmed to be protective of her of course. Because she can't bring her cats with her to school her mother found a breed of domestic cat that was allowed. A Savvanah cat. The largest breed of domesticated cat. She named her Aphrodite.
- - 8 tattoos - I believe on her right wrist in teal because of her love of Spring Awakening.
- two music notes on left shoulder
- a bit of Defying Gravity on he

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