Aeron Mallory Character Study

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  • stilinski feels | Tumblr
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    "Aeron Louis Mallory" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • Wallpapers - Angels and Demons - Movie - Desktop Backgrounds 1680x1050
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    "half demon/half angel" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • fantasy demons
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    "His real father is a demon" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • Angels and demons
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    "and his mother is a angel" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    This art gallery is not related with new famous movie! Anyway, it looks unreal and beautiful.
  • kenny's sideshow I washed my hands in the bloody waters but they didn't come clean
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    "When God and Lucifer learned about Aeron they teamed up to get rerid of him before he got old enough to get his powers" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • tubes femmes
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    "Aeron father sent his pregnant mother to earth to keep her safe. It is believed that his father died." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    tubes,fond d'écran,masque
  • Random Stuff Goes Here
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    "A couple of angels where sent after her. They found her a week after she had Aeron." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    My new plush Manatee,Castiel. Named after the angel in Supernatural.
  • tubes femmes
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    "She refused to tell them where her baby was. Aeron's mother left him at the hospital after he was born and he was found and put in to a orphanage." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • Angel Blade
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    "Aeron's mother was killed by one of the angels." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    Angel Blades are weapons carried by most angels. They are long, silver, double-edged daggers...
  • File Linden Ashby.jpg
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    "He was adopted by Mr. Mallory when he was about three years-old" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • Dylan O'Brien/Stiles & Linden Ashby/Sheriff Stilinsky - Sitcoms Online Photo Galleries
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    "His father is a police officer," — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • mod_article45910545_4f8c884905beb.png
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    "His adoptive mother died of cancer last year." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    Фото автора Blackorchid на Яндекс.Фотках
  • Brad Pitt's Adoption Papers
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    "Aeron does not know he is adopted." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • Pier One Dream Art
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    "Aeron has been having dreams about his real parents." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    Dream big—we figure about 4' will do it. That's the height of our inspirational Dream Art, printed on linen over a rustic wooden plank. Hang one at home and one at work. And, just this once, if you snooze, you don't lose. Natural. 15.75"W x 1"D x 48"H. Fir wood, linen. Learn If grouping wall art has you all hung up, here's some good news: You—yes, you—can design your own picture-perfect wall gallery in just five easy steps. Learn more
  • Generation Z Black Metallic Numbers 12 x 12 Transparency
    "Most people can't wait for what are called milestone birthdays. Driving at 16, Graduating at 18, Drinking at 21. Who know Aeron's 20th birthday would be his largest milestone." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    Generation Z: Black Metallic Numbers 12 x 12 Transparency ...
  • Memento Mori Death Skull Horror Halloween Gothic Glass Bronze Ring 44-AR
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    "Aeron has to go through a near death experience on his birthday to get his powers." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    Each ring is hand-made to order! Items will usually ship within 24 hours of purchase. This gorgeous piece is made from an adjustable antiqued bronze filigree ring. The design is sealed under a crystal clear domed glass cabochon. Only the highest quality materials are used in the making of my rings! The design is crisp and vivid, and is printed only with the highest quality inks. All rings come in a beautiful gift box, and are packaged with extreme care! Every ring is shipped in a padded envelope for extra protection. Rings are water resistant but not water proof. Please remove before bathing or swimming. Make sure to check out my other items as well!
  • Fallen Angel 2
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    "he gains black wings after twentith birthday, and his powers." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
  • dus-intothedarkness-ghost2.png
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    "Can talk to ghost/the dead." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    Фото автора Надежды Хан на Яндекс.Фотках
  • Baccarat Glamour Pendant
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    "powers over life and death. Plus others." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    This Baccarat crystal heart pendant is luminous. The sumptuously rounded is contours highlight the careful craftsmanship. As its name indicates, the crystal pendant radiates glamour every time it catches the light. The pendant is suspended from a cord whose color perfectly complements the crystal hue. Glamour pendants are available in parma violet crystal (suspended from a navy blue cord), Clear crystal (suspended from a black cord), tourmaline crystal (suspended from a red cord), aquamarine crystal (suspended from a grey-blue cord), and Baccarat’s signature ruby shade (suspended from a ruby cord). The sterling silver bale and clasp keep the Glamour pendant scrupulously in place around your neck. A perfect gift to show your affection for her.
  • Smile Photo Frame (dark)
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    "Aeron is one of the most happy,kind, and fun-loving guys you will ever meet" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    Smile Photo Frame (dark)
  • ADHD
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    "He has ADHD" — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    WebMD provides an overview of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, a condition that robs kids of their ability to focus and pay attention. Learn to recognize the symptoms of ADHD, as well as how it is diagnosed and treated.
  • Leather Books Table/Drawer/Bunn Feet
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    "Loves to read." — @kimberlyobrienhayes
    This wonderful trompe l'oeil table, handmade in Italy of leather over wood, appears to be a stack of large old books but in fact offers two forms of storage. What looks like the top three books is actually a storage space with a lift top, and what looks like the bottom book is a drawer. Bunn feet add great style, as does the bookbinder's paper used as lining. Exclusively ours. 21 ¼" X 15" x 19 ½"h.
  • thanatos in greek
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    "Thanatos. The name his real parents named him." — @kimberlyobrienhayes

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