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Song: Samai Nahawand (Taqsim Qanun, Samai Thaqil 10/8, Samai Darij 

Set inspired by Sharbat Gula otherwise known as the Afghan Girl.

This photograph graced the front cover of National Geographic. The photo was shot December of 1984 by Steve McCurry.

The identity of the girl remained a mystery for many years and various efforts were made to track the girl down. Her identity was formally revealed in 2002.

Sharbat Gula was born approx. 1972 and was about 12 when her picture was taken. She married in the late 1980s and has 3 daughters.

Her image became a symbol of the Afghan conflict that occurred during the 1980s as well as the worldwide refugee system.

This image is, arguably, one of the most famous in history.
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