An art collage from June 2010
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  • NOVICA Bahia Woman Original Oil Painting
    See how beautiful the women from Bahia are and feel passion for them! challenges Rosah Casanova. Painting with acrylics she masterfully transmits the legendary beauty of the women of Bahia who are descendants of African and Portuguese peoples. They are known for their mesmerizing green eyes which shine ever more under the make-up of vanity. Titled Vaidosa in Portuguese.
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  • Like A Queen
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  • NOVICA Handcrafted Authentic African Mask Wall Plaque from Ghana
    Rita Addo Zakour demonstrates her creative skills with this elegant wall plaque depicting an African mask. Carved by hand and covered by symmetrical motifs the face represents a woman and arises from the artisan's own imagination. She names the piece Pea Kaane which means Chief's Wife in the Kasem dialect spoken by the people of Navrongo the capital of Kassena-Nankana.
  • Song Titles
  • Home Sweet Home!
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  • NOVICA African Wall Mask
    A monkey centers the headdress of this beautiful African mask and the personage wears large earrings. Hand carved and painted the sese wood image is crafted by Ghana's Salihu Ibrahim. It represents the Fulani people who have settled in Mali. Although believed to have West African origins the Fula are also present throughout Central Africa and Sudanese North Africa. We Africans tend to adopt certain cultural practices that we believe are good ones and customs are also shared through inter-cultural marriage Ibrahim explains. Among Mali-dwelling Fulani comb masks are given to a woman as a marriage proposal. She responds by giving a Senufo monkey mask to her suitor as a sign of acceptance. Because the monkey is known to be a happy animal this mask reflects her happiness in saying yes.
  • On The Move
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  • NOVICA African Acrylic Painting
    The sweet music of a flute has the power to call people together believes John Atta Mensah inspiring him to paint the portrait of a woman playing the flute. As if hypnotized by her melodious call people emerge from the background to stand right behind her. On the lower left corner the image of the Ashanti Akuaba fertility doll symbolizes the power of tradition.
  • NOVICA Hand-Carved African Tweneboa Wood Wall Mask of Woman
    This hand-carved African wood mask is crafted from tweneboa wood by Ghanaian artisan Daniel Asante. The mask portrays a beautiful feminine character inspired by the artist's own design. The careful use of acrylic paint and polish highlight the woman's alluring hair eyes and lips. The artisan refers to this work as oheneba meaning King's Child in Twi a dialect spoken by the Akan people of Ghana.
  • The Coven
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  • NOVICA Original Acrylic Portrait Painting of African Farm Woman
    A Ghanaian woman heads to the farm to harvest some produce for her family. Her relaxed bearing and gentle half-smile convey her sense of satisfaction with the day's labors. African artist Alex Mensah captures the moment beautifully in this original acrylic painting.
  • NOVICA Artisan Hand-Carved African Map Welcome Sign
    Masterfully carving Ghanaian odum wood EboBentum creates a map of the African continent. A woman walks into a rural village depicted on the surface in low relief. She carries a pot on her head and a baby on her back. At the top the word Welcome expresses the artisan's sincere feelings.
  • She's Magic..
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  • Gustav Klimt 'Three Ages of Woman-Mother and Child
    This tender scene celebrates the love between a mother and her child. An art nouveau genius, Klimt is known for his rhythmic flowing lines and rich palette.This print features a textured satin black frame that has a subtle underlying wood grain that elegantly shows through its satin black finish.This framed and texture-glazed poster comes hand-finished with a non-reflective 100-percent acrylic polymer coating, which protects the image. This is not traditional glass or Plexi-glass glazing but rather a highly textured gel-coat finish. Artist: Gustav Klimt Title: Three Ages of Woman - Mother and Child 1905 Product type: Framed Art Print Style: Contemporary Format: Vertical Size: Large Subject: Romantic Frame: 1.125-inch Satin Black Laminate Image dimensions: 36 inches high x 24 inches wide Outside dimensions: 37.66 inches high x 25.66 inches wide Size: Large. Color: Black.
  • Find Your Way
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  • NOVICA Original Ghanaian Painting of Elderly African Woman
    Beauty can be found both in the old and the young confides artist Alex Mensah of Ghana. He pays tribute to aged beauty in this eloquent original painting of a female village elder. Despite her age the dignified old woman still dresses herself in full tribal regalia to venture forth into the village. The relaxed portrait is rendered in acrylic paint and aciduro a local pigment made from nails.
  • NOVICA African Tribal Art Wood Mask
    Abdul Salami Amadu creates the original design of this large sese wood mask. He expertly carves the mask by hand adds clay textures and paints it black brown yellow and green Amadu adorns the cheek with textured patterns and a mboka or village in the Lingala language of the Bantu people from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Rapunzariel
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  • NOVICA Original Acrylic Painting of Young African Woman
    Well aware of her physical charms a curvaceous young Ghanaian woman pauses in her chores to allow her admirers a long look. Artist Alex Mensah of Ghana renders this eloquent and fluid portrait in acrylic paints and aciduro a local pigment made from nails.
  • For Art's Sake
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  • NOVICA Signed Original Acrylic Painting of African Woman
    Executing her first chore of the day an African woman fetches water and carries it home with ease. Long practice at such tasks has given her a unique grace. Alex Mensah of Ghana creates this fluid and perceptive portrait in acrylic paints and aciduro a local pigment made from nails.

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