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*Your POV*

"Can you not?" I ask, totally out of the blue. "Can I not what?" Liam asks, looking back at me. "Be so cute. And leave me." I say, grasping his hand and walking faster to catch up to him. He chuckles and looks down. A smile tugs at my lips. I watch as a bird flies past us. I also spot some flowers next to the path we were walking. "Those are really pretty." I say, looking directly at them. Liam glances at them and stops, tugging my hand to make me stop too. I turn and look at him. "You're really pretty. Wait, scratch that. Beautiful." he whispers. I smile and look down. "Those flowers dont do you justice." he adds. "Okay now you really need to stop." I say with a slight giggle. He laughs and hugs me tightly. A moment later, he releases me and motions me to get on his back. "Really?" I ask. He nods, so I jump on. He starts running, making me laugh. He is overly cute.


Sorry kinda crappy. :-/
I'll add teammates and score info later when I'm on my computer.
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