scar. gih. 
sunday 29th sept. getting down and dirty with the boys. 

what began as a friendly game of flag football quickly turned into a brutal full contact game, and i quickly found myself caught in the middle. i was fast, but easy to pick up and tackle. by the end of the warm-up game i was more than a little bruised and filthy. but i was happy. it was just me and the guys today. and savannah if she ever decided to turn up. that meant all the drama from friday night was put on hold. no feuds between liz and lila, and definitely no stupid arthur. although, he did leave the cutest note on my bed, which i found when i eventually made it home as the sun was beginning to rise. then yesterday he came over to bring me a smiths cd, to say sorry in person for being an which was lovely of him. but i still didn't like him, he was a total bore. gorgeous. but a bore. 

i had arrived at Farley's, still a little rough from a party at Clem's the night before, dressed in hot pants and a sportsy looking crop, which was met by wolf-whistles and a few shocked glances. i had put a warrior style hair-band around my head and drew war lines on my cheeks with mud. i so wish they offered football for girls. 

as we all took a break to recharge i plonked myself down on a comfy piece of grass at the sidelines. i noticed savannah approaching from the distance so i smiled and gestured her over. by now some guys were casually tossing a football around, getting ready for the next game. 
"you look comfortable." i said, taking in her cosy looking hoody and tracksuit combo. 
"Yeah, I am." she said, laughing a little. i hoped i hadn't offended her. 
"You look like you're going to play?" 
"Yeah, I am." she said nodding.

okay, i couldn't avoid the subject much longer... i was just going to come right out and say it. 
"So, I saw that kiss with Anthony last night..." 

She turned to look at me. She groaned and rolled her head back. "How is Arthur?"

Arthur? I thought a little bewildered. Then i remembered standing with her for a considerable time at Harrison's, telling her how hot, but obnoxious and just eugh... he was. 
"Don't change the subject, woman!" I said, trying desperately to change the subject back to her and Anthony. 
"It was a dare."
"The other day, all the boys hung out at my place. For Jake, of course. I came home and they were there. And then Anthony dared Lisko to hump a pole naked."
LOL. "I heard about that!"
"Yeah, but Kyle dared Anthony to make out with me first. Jake stepped in and it didn't happen, but Kyle did make love to a street lamp that night."
"Damn." I muttered. "And last night?"
"Kyle just brought it up again and it happened."
"And you're okay with it?"
"It's a dare. I don't think anything of it." she said, then she stared into space, looking a little hurt. 
"Let's go!" came Nathaniel's voice calling everyone up for round 2. 
I handed Savannah my belt and sat the rest of the game out. I turned my attention away from the game for a while and sat talking to the rest of the girls who were sitting on the sidelines looking cold and uninterested, however i did turn around just in time to catch the Savannah and Anthony make-out session on the field. I caught her eye and gave her a thumbs up. 

Well, the girl moved fast. 

[that is both my stories up now :D check them out guys.]
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