Sometimes it can be stressful afterschool when you have to get alot done. Hopefully this will give you a guide.♥

O 1. 3;30-4 Get homework done. This might not be the exact time, but you ge the point. Before you start you start, think of a good place to do your homework. i usually do homework in my room at my desk. bring your backpack, and bring a small snack so you have some energy(: your homework might take you longer than a half hour by the way

O 2. 4-5 Relax. your probably really tired, so just watch tv, listen to music, Whatever(:

O 3. 5-6 Exersize(: youre supposed to get up to an hour a day, so do this! Check out some of your exercize routine tips if you need any ideas. You can also just go for a walk , jump on a trampoline, ride your bike, etc.

O 4. 6-6;15 Eat dinner:) Relax && eat a nice dinner & talk with your family. Talk to your family about school, or upcoming events your excited for

O 5. 6;15 - 7 Ususally after dinner, my parents give me a list of chores to do , so i usually have to do that:( if not, maybe offer. Your parents will be really happy. Realistically, you can study, or just do anything else that has to get done. 

O 6. 7- 8 Spend time with family. You dont really see them alot, because im sure all weekend youre busey with friends & stuff, so be sure to hang out with them too

O 7. 8-9 Shower, Dress in pjs, brush your teeth, pack up your bookbag, & lay out clothes & accesories for the next day.

O 8. 9-930 Read. Get your eyes tired so youll fall asleep easily. if reading dosent work, listen to some quiet music, or try studying a little.

More Tips;;

-Dont forget to set your alarm for the next morning!

- if you have sports praactice , Take away your hour exersize, because you already got it, & it will just waste time.

- if you hang out with a friend, take away your relax hour, because that's kinda relaxing already. 

Sorry if this isn't too good! im super tired. im going to do a diy tip tomorrow since people reqused that. Please request us at Tipchickas or pm us!

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