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SJ is back! ♥

Sexy,Free & Single ~ The MV
Super love it! The choreography is just perfect & too sexy! *A*
And finally,Sungmin got more screen time & lines in the tittle song!
I can't wait to see their comeback stage! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ 
And the album is just beautiful as expected from SUJU!They've never disappointed me !
I like all the songs especially the ballads. 
I'm only disappointed with the album cover! Really SM?! What a plain cover and wasted a high potential for a WOW gorgeous one! (--+!!)

The tracks ~

~* I love Sungmin's part in (Daydream)... (☆´3`) heaven !
~* The melody transformation in ( A 'Good'bye) is crazy & unpredictable ! I really love it!

*The cutest reaction ever! (≧ω≦) 
I can't believe Donghae tweeted this video! 

Lastly ,antis this song is for you > > Gulliver 凸(`0´)
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