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tbh we need to stop acting like realising that you want to identify as a different sexuality is a bad thing esp in schools? like it’s okay if you’ve came out as gay to your best friend but then realised you were bi and it’s okay if you’re questioning and you want to keep them in the wrap as you begin to identify differently and if that is what you wanna do if they’re ever not understanding because you’ve changed the way that you identify then that’s not your fault?

and it’s also okay to not what to tell even your closest friends anything at all until you’re as comfortable as you can be and if that’s what you wanna do you should definitely not feel bad or as if you are ‘lying’ to them? being wlw and a teenager is hard and i support all of y'all no matter what sort of situation you’re going through and you’re still 1000% valid and always will be

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