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-Top Sets July 21, 2011- 

Yeh, working on some back-to-school shopping. I still need a few more basic things...I don't want to make my parents spend a bunch of money, though. Hittin' up sales and discounts, etc. And I'm planning on buying a few things, so I'm not making them foot the entire cost...idk I feel so guilty when I buy things!
I usually get a new pair or two of shoes at the start of the school year. This year I'm gettin' some Clarks desert boots, and I might buy a pair of TOMS (avec mon argent (with my own money)). maybe the new stonewashed ones? those are cutee :D But yeah, I don't know what color to get in the Clarks...taupe or a light color...? agh. 

And again with the bts shopping, I don't want to spend like $$$ on it, but it IS my first year with no uniforms (our K-8 have uniforms, but not high school), so it's not like I have a ton of clothes that I CAN wear to school. I'm usually just walking around in nike's and a tee shirt, but you can't wear nike's or sweatpants or anything without pockets and a zipper/button thing to school. and we can't wear tank tops or shorts that aren't "fingertip length" (hemline has to be longer than fingertips when your arms are at your side), which basically means they have to have a 5" inseam flip flops either. Soo many restrictions! But, back to the main point, I don't want to overdo it, but I think I'll probably end up spending more than I normally do. Because honestly, I don't have like a ton a ton of wearable clothes. I'm hoping to find a job or something though to pick up some extra cash. like babysitting or petsitting.
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