Bio: William met Lacy on a hot July day at the beach. Lacy was a small town girl; and was a surfing teacher at 18. When they began to go out it was 'love.' Will was blind to it; but Lacy was just using him for his money. Almost all the children were born in Melbourne, Australia. Then, the Aguste's moved to Savannah, Georgia. And Lacy was mysteriously pregnant, Will and the children soon found out Lacy was cheating on him, and she gave birth to Isis. William loves Isis like his own, but Lacy and he are hardly a couple; only at social functions. Lacy needs money, and William needs a woman to make him look good.
Secret: Isis is the love child; the school was told to have her last name marked as Aguste, and no one was the wiser.
Italian & French {Isis}

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