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I hope you don't mind that I used your layout again @istylista... I just love it :)) And I know I didn't do it justice though, sorry!

January | 2 | friday |
The cops have confirmed that a body has been found dead at the prestigious building housing Lux In Tenebris students. A female body, identified as Alaska Gray, was found near the back pool, body mangled and stabbed to death about 30 incidences. Today, her services will be held at the wonderful Yale chapel on campus. Be sure to wear all black for the girl who was killed in our midsts. And the only evidence left behind was a single note, written newspaper style saying:
'happy new year bittches.
xoxo, the black cat'. 
No fingerprints or anything identifiable was found.

SOON because I haven't had inspiration for Hadley lately unfortunately :/ Sorry, hopefully it will strike tonight.
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