Ailee-You and I live:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhamUbbrbkk

the next K-pop queen[with so many nominee]
I like her,my diva feel ~
her music def. my style and i feel she can linking to YG artist,Jay Park and many more rappers.

You're the most and my Favorite
67.The best vocalist - female category[set-2]
wanna talk about Ailee !!! since it's my first set with her.

Ailee solo artist debuted on 2012
however,the hours experienced of her on K-pop still as rookie but her talented is big.
i means people know that by watching her performance, my classmate who actually nothing interest in K-pop watching over my shoulder &they said wow,amazing i told them Ailee just debuted last year ,all of them like O_O ? 

Many K-idol can't sing,dance or can do only one side i'm accepted that.barely to see someone like her and debuted on K-pop,she can do it better in English song but Thx to Ailee K-pop not just only hey dance dance,cute and overrated with their many years training profile under big name company but still can't do anything ,Ailee just proof it she can famous with this way,i'm not compare her with anyone i just amazed from her talented that's all.

she can sing,dance and act
fluent in English and also best in Korean.
believe me that Ailee has better Korean accent than me and i like her for being cute too.
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