~ make a set for you ~

name: Aimee
country: United Kingdom
star sign: Cancer
~ faves ~
colour: Peach
animal: Barn owl
food: Anything sweet
book: The Perks of being a Wallflower
electronic/gadget: Macbook
movie: Labyrinth, any Tim Burton film
actor: Johnny Depp
actress: Audrey Hepburn, Helena Bonham Carter
author: J.K Rowling
song: Pixies, where is my mind
band: The Smiths
music artist: Vanessa Paradis, David Bowie
tv show: American Horror story
shop: Topshop, Lipsy
celeb: I don't really like any celebrities 
~ random ~
something that makes you, you: Movies, I like to pretend I am in one all the time.
you dream: To act, and star in amazing movies, work with amazing people.
hobbies: reading, writing, drawing and ballet 

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