Ainsleigh De Wilde {LSB}
+ Ainsleigh De Wilde, 16
+ “the overtly religious, yet darker, somewhat psychotic dreamer”
+ Ainsleigh began life cushioned in the lap of luxury—parents who adored her and could give her everything she asked for, beautiful clothes and toys, a lovely home, and servants to free her parents of housework and spend more time with her…..however, at nine years old, Ainsleigh lost her beloved mother, Lourdes De Wilde (née Beaulieu) in a tragic drowning accident that promptly halted any progression of Ainsleigh’s relationship with her father. While Lourdes was on her deathbed, Mr. De Wilde made two promises to his dying wife—that he would not remarry until at least ten years have passed after her death, and that he would continue to raise Ainsleigh on his own. In recent years, it’s been the latter that’s continued to crumble, and shows no signs of repair. Ainsleigh’s personality could not clash any more with her father’s, and since Ainsleigh refuses to speak to him hardly at all, it’s almost as if they’re nothing more than strangers. For many years, Ainsleigh’s devoutness to the Roman Catholic Church has helped her overcome her troubles, but lately, she has began to feel adrift of the Church’s principles, and finds praying to saints less fulfilling than before, and since she only has her piousness to shape her personality, she is beginning to feel more and more like a lost soul, as the days pass by, ever so slowly.
+ The reason why your character is committing suicide: her strained, nearly nonexistent relationship with her father constantly eats at her subconscious, the mundane lifestyle she has been committed to kills any desire to make it to adulthood, thoughts of feeling completely worthless overwhelm her daily, and the troubling, stirring desires of wanting to part ways with the Church.
+ Katryn Kruger

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Wrote three years ago
This character's story is incredibly thought out & provoking! She has a mystical & haunting quality to her! I love it! If you please, tag me in these sets! I'd love to read them, if you don't mind :)


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