Ain't nobody can play dead like me, Ernst.

A collection for Death Becomes Her, one of my personal favorite movies. Is it considered a cult classic? It should be. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn are flawless and the fashion is completely on point. It shaped my taste for bad girls, campy gore and tight-fitting vampy clothes at a young age... Please tell me that I'm not the only 7 year old who aspired to become half as glorious as mega b!tch Madeline Ashton?

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Wrote three years ago
@marzipanniers @vampirkaninchen You were just fashionably late! Such a good, campy movie, hehe.

Wrote three years ago
I don't remember when I saw DBH, but I loved it. Still do!

Wrote three years ago
I was shamefully late to the Death Becomes Her party, and all I do is regret not watching it sooner.


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