wasted by carrie underwood

hey people!! so i was tagged by @kingemmathe69th and i used the black bag from her set :)

her question: what's something you want to accomplish this summer? 
my answer: (just in case you guys were wondering this is taking me a really long time to answer. because there are a lot of things i want from summer but i dont think they are very likely..) but i'll go with make really good memories because i haven't had any spectacular ones in a while.

i tag: (dont feel obligated to do this. really) @sarwhallis

my question for you: why did the chicken cross the road? lol jk. 
real question: what do you want your future home to be like. i want a good description :))

what to do:
- choose a song, make a set using a line from the song in the title
- use one item from this set in your set
- tag 10 people to do this
- ask a random question and answer the one asked by the person who tagged you
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