[ lauren's point of view ]

I was in the kitchen with Elena and Jenna. We were cleaning up after the boys, they attempted to make brownie's but it failed, Damon and Jeremy decided to play games instead.
"He is ridiculously hot." Jenna whispered, giggling.
I felt Damon's smirk.
"His a di.ck." I smiled.
"Love you too honey." he called sarcasticily.
"Are they going out?" Jenna whispered to Elena, Elena laughed and looked at me.
"I ask myself that everyday." I said smiling, drying the things Jenna was washing. 
"Got to go, Alaric want's to see me." Jenna smiled like a little school girl.
"There selling condoms up the road." I laughed, Elena giggled putting some of the tins away. Jenna rolled her eyes playfully and left.
"There getting on well." Elena said elbowing me softly.
"They should be." I smiled. We finished cleaning up and went into the attic.
"So, Klaus is your dad?" She asked, looking at some old photos.
"Yeah, Only the best for his little girl. I was born a vampire, instead of getting turned." I said, stacking some empty boxes.
"How does that work?" she asked looking up from the photos.
"Well, Klaus got my mother Katrina Pregnant a few years after he was turned, then while pregnant with me he turned her into a vampire and had to give her blood literally every day to make sure I came out fine, some witch spells were involved too, and Boom you have vampire baby." I said.
"You can choose the age where you stop ageing, so I chose twenty two, and people born a vampire can have babies." I added.
"What's the catch?" she asked.
"Well, the dad also has to be a vampire, and that you have to actually try for a baby, it can't just be from normal..you know. You have to actually plan the baby." I said.
"So...you had any vamp babies yet?" she giggled.
"One." I replied sitting down.
"Spill!" she smiled, putting the photos back in the box, I closed the door to the attic.
"Well, I think it was in 1854, a few days after Damon was turned, by Katherine. He came to me straight after he got turned, he didn't tell me so I didn't think I'd get preggers, but he had been talking about starting a family, so I guess that's how the baby was born." I shrugged, I wasn't too sure myself.
"And the baby?" she asked.
I can't believe I was about to say this.
"Well, as soon as I gave birth I went to a witch who was able to age my baby straight to the age of 16, then I turned him into a vampire, his still alive now. But we didn't actually let him live until 16 years ago." I hoped Elena would pick it up.
"Jeremy?" she whispered. I nodded.
"Does Damon know?" she asked, her face still in shock.
"No, do you think i should tell him?" i asked, scrunching my hair.
"It would be the right thing to do wouldn't it?" she said.
"I guess.." I jumped out of the attic and went downstairs, they were still playing it.
"Damon, your gonna loose." I smiled.
"I'm winning." he called.
"Really?" I said standing behind him, Jeremy gave me a quick smile, I put my hands over Damon's eyes.
"You winning now?" I laughed.
"Lauren!" He said, trying to get my hands off, the game ended so I did.
"I hate you." he said, trying not to smile.
"You lost." Jeremy grinned.
"Only because of her." he said turning to face me.
"I needa talk to you." I said.
"Later, were going to check out that witch place." Damon said getting up.
"Il'l come with you, we can talk then, I doubt emily would let you in." I said passing him his jacket.
We got in the car and picked Bonnie up, I was texting Elena about how to tell him. Bonnie leaned over my shoulder.
"Tell him what?" she asked, damon looked up into the car mirror to meet my eyes.
"Il'l tell you later.." I said shutting down my phone.
How was I going to tell him?
I was more worried about how he was going to react...
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