Night of Mystery

I picked number 8 and got Dongho... xD

- Please! Just once! Please! - May was trying to act cute as I shook my head back and forth. 
- No way! I won't date your boyfriend's younger brother! I am not pedophile!
- Its not exactly a date just please keep him far from their house to the night! You have to be nice to him a bit and that's all! 
- I don't want! He is too young and...I don't like him! - I exclaimed. 

And I really didn't like him. He is not even 18 years old but acts like he is the only boy on the earth! Every time I've met him I just wanted to punch him on the face... Not just because he is always so full of himself but he likes to call me an old forever alone ajumma! Me! I am not even 22 years old you idiot kid!

- You know what? I am in! 
- Really? - May's eyes were shining. 
- Yep...but only because of you!
- Thank you! - she hugged me tight and I just rolled my eyes. I knew this night would be really really really long...

I walked in the club at Itaewon - how this kid can enter a club when he is underage? - and looked around. It was full and the music was just too loud to me. I was not the person who goes to club every night or even the weekend. I prefer cozy coffee shops with light music and talk.

- Ajumma? - I heard Dongho's voice near to my ear.
- Hey, kid! - I turned around and grinned. 
- I was not sure if its really you or that one bottle of soju was already too much.
- Shut up! - I turned around and walked to the bar.

- Hey wait! - he grabbed my arm and pulled me with himself. - You look good today - he finally said as we sat down at a table. 
- Don't lie it doesn't suit you - I folded my arms and stared the dance floor.
- I am not lying! I am just surprised that you can look like this - I felt he was checking me out. Great!
- How can you enter any club, you kid? - I tried to change the topic quickly. I just felt weird that the first time he said I look good. 
- The owner noona likes me - he smirked. 
- The owner noona must be a pedo - I replied with my "most beautiful" smile.
- I'll be legal in a few months so stop looking at me as a kid - he suddenly changed his tone and looked at me hurt.
- Then stop calling me ajumma! - I shouted back.
- But you are!
- And you are a kid!

- Khm...would you like to order something to drink? - the waiter stepped to our table and asked shyly.
- No thanks. I am leaving! - I stood up and stormed out of the club.

Outside I angrily kick a can on the ground than started to curse in Hungarian. I was just really frustrated because of Dongho! I dressed up nicely and I really dreamed about a good night. That just once in this life we can talk like normal people do but hell no! Its impossible!

I started to walk on the street and try to calm down when I realized that my role was to keep Dongho away from their house. I stopped and was about to walk back when I realized it doesn't matter. He probably has fun with other girls so May can be sure to not see him there till morning.

I spotted a tent so I decided to just sit there and drink soju with some snack. Yeah, it was the best idea. I just didn't want to go home yet.

- Noona? 
I didn't bother to look up from my glasses as Dongho sat down in front of me.
- Noona! I am sorry, okay?
- Eh? - I stared him confused. - Did you drink too much?
- No - he rolled his eyes. - I am really sorry, okay? Just please don't want me to repeat this again - Dongho frowned.
- Okay - I smiled slightly. - But why did you always act so bad toward me?
- Because you see me as a kid since the first time we met - he said and I swear I heard a hint of hurt in his voice.
- But you are a kid! - I laughed.
- And you are an ajumma! - he fought back.

We started each other for a minute then burst into laugh. 

- Let's get a new start - I reached out my hand. - Dongho-ah.
- Noona - he shook my hand.
- Now drink this. I hope I won't be jailed because of you - I smiled as I gave him a glass of soju.
- Don't worry about it! - he winked.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lame xD But my brain is in stand by mode now that I finished my essay and brought it to school yesterday! Yeah.. the "Warrior is back!" xD

Anyway I got Dongho! Why is it funny? Because he is my "least" favorite from all the boys and I was just 100% I would get him! xD But its okay ^^ I don't hate him :D Oh and in this story he is not the U-kiss Dongho just May's boyfriend's (AJ) younger brother xP lol
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Wrote 5 years ago
your set is super cute!!

Wrote 5 years ago
(@Maybones and @denisa-hosook))
I second the notion!
please unnnieeeee? *tries to do aegyo*

Wrote 5 years ago
oh unnie, come one! just one more time! pleaseeee pleaseeee!?hahaha LOL movies... yeah... sure

Wrote 5 years ago
@maybones again? it was our first and last date! :D you just wanted to watch movies with AJ course just a movie xP
@denisa-hosook, @dragongirl142 no way I could write more about this! :D but I am glad you liked it ^^


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1st place in group contest: Night of Mystery

1st place in group contest: Night of Mystery

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