Ah Niall <3
he's my favorite, even though we look alike. 
well, we have the same color hair and eyes anyway.
if i had a brother, he'd look exactly like him.
LOL once i made the mistake of going to a mall where they were having a signing,
it must have been a week after i dyed it back to blond,
and i kid you not i had 12 year-olds stalking me,
asking me if i was his sister or cousin.
it was actually quite traumatic, because they didn't believe me when i said no!
they followed me out to my car to see if i was secretly headed toward the tour bus or something!!
there are probably pictures of me on some 12-year-old's facebook,
with a caption that reads
oh whale.
p.s. sorry for my whining last night.
j did come over,
but idk i don't think anythings gonna happen anymore.
hahaha fml.
luv u all tho <33333
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