Alaska Young

- Based on Alaska Young from Looking For Alaska by John Green. -
Full Name: Alaska Mary Young.
Nickname: Alaska.
Gender: Female.
Age: 17
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Looks: See set. Blonde, with more-than-normal curves.
Personality: The wild, self-destructive, moody, unpredictable, beautiful and enigmatic girl who smokes to die. Moody, Grumpy, and often acts dulusional when she suddenly remembers things. When she's not driving, she's calling shotgun. After all, she is the Shotgun pranking queen. Famous for her pranks through-out most american schools, her father gave up and sent her here. Alcoholic, smoker, and slightly obsessed with s*x.
Other: Her mother was an absloute hippy. Dippy, rainbow/tie-dye wearing pot smoker. She died after she took Alaska to the zoo. Her mother and father never decided on a name for Alaska, so for her 7th birthday, they let her pick her own name. She was going to call herself Africa, but her father complained, saying it was too 'boyish.'' She never goes anywhere without her Ridgeback, Pudge. Pudge seems like a massive monster, but he's only trying to protect Alaska.
Deep Secret : Alaska watched her mother die, and didn't call 999. Her father yelled at her, yet Alaska was only 7.
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