The Alessandrinis

Bio ; Tony, a poor man with big dreams, meets Pauletta, a wealthy socialite and they fall in love. They plan to marry, but their plans are crushed by Pauletta's parents, the affluent Westchesters who believe that Tony's meager beginnings will hinder his success and ruin Pauletta's reputation. Heartbroken, the lovers are torn apart. Years later, as Tony's business begins to take off, he meets Pauletta again and they elope. Tony's business sky rockets and now he's basically royalty. This success encourages Pauletta to follow her dream to become a fashion designer. Now, five kids later, they reside in Italy, living what seems to be the perfect life. However, we all know that perfection doesn't last long. Remember how Tony was a poor man? He didn't tell Pauletta everything. Not only was he poor, he was a criminal; a mobster. His old "friends" are now envious of his wealth and will do anything to get their hands on it. The first incident was when Daniella was abducted, something no one but the family knows about. Things worsened- Matteo, Stefan, and Marc were the targets of a shooting, and Gia assaulted. When Pauletta is killed by what the media calls a freak car accident, Tony realizes what he's done, and now he blames himself for his wife's death and the other events. This realization sparks him to move to the island, where they now reside, safely. For now.
Secrets ; Pretty much all in the biography.

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