Alessi - Blank Wall Clock
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  • CB2 Copper Wall Clock
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    Ahead of it's time. Rimmed in a shiny circle of rose gold, this gleaming aluminum wall clock is perfectly timed with the trend. Sophisticated quartz movement tells time on a clean grey face while two-color hands tick away the minutes. Elevates the entry or goes glam grouped on a gallery wall. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Details and Dimensions: Copper wall clock. 13.5" Dia. Aluminum. Electroplated copper rim. Powdercoated aluminum hands. Wipe with clean cloth. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included) Made in China. Overall Dimensions: Diameter: 13.5"
  • Crate & Barrel Lorne Wall Clock
    A recessed face floats within a wrap of warm-toned wood in this oversized clock. Great for family rooms or kitchens, its casual look features large, easy-to-read numbers and clean-lined hands.
  • LEFF amsterdam Wyzer Wall Clock
    More than two hands, this clock is a graphic composition displaying time. A constantly changing wall decoration for 12 hours long. This clock comes with a high torque German movement to guarantee a perfect and reliable piece of design. Reinhard chose three unique colour combinations to add even more to the character of this design. Mounts (easily) directly to the wall.
  • Crate & Barrel Huxley Wall Clock
    Our brushed silver clock is clean and current, with a streamlined design, white face and minimalist number markers.
  • Mondaine Desk Clock
    Ingenuity and simplicity are the elements which often distinguish an attractive piece of design from a truly iconic design classic. For more than 60 years, we have followed a simple idea: form and function in perfect harmony. At Mondaine, we focus on what really matters, uniting distinguished and timeless Swiss design with innovation, high craftsmanship and functionality providing a lifetime of reliability. This clever little clock has multi-function and style covered. Liven up your work space with the modern red or black cube design, or remove the magnetic clock from its cube and attach to any metal surface you desire. Alternatively, use as a super stylish paperweight and be the envy of your office. The clock cubes are available in blazing red or elegant black, both a must have to enhance the working desk with style and function. Function: Time. Movement (manufacture. Ref.): RONDA 313S. Movement (type): Quartz. Case size/diameter (mm): 50.00. Case material: Stainless Steel brushed. Case back: Pressed Caseback. Crown: Regular Gasket. Crystal/Glass material: Hardened Mineral. Water resistance (m/ft/atm): 30 / 100 / 3. Origin Swiss Made.
  • Rasmus Gottliebsen Watch Me Wall Clock
    “To me design is all about creating objects that are impossible not to notice, objects that are contagious and objects that stay in the heart forever,” explains designer Rasmus Gottliebsen. “Then I know I did a good job.” With his background in advertising, Gottliebsen has an intuitive feel for garnering attention, evidenced by his minimal yet striking Watch Me Wall Clock (2010). This eye-catching clock consists of eight vibrantly colored aluminum rectangles fanned out to form a circular shape, with contrasting black and white hands for good readability. Inspired by a fan deck of color swatches, it adds a pop of color to most any room. Runs on one AA battery (not included). Made in China.
  • Normann Copenhagen Watch Me Wall Clock Pink
    The Normann Copenhagen Watch Me is a simplistic and figurative wall clock. Its simple design makes Watch Me stand out as it brings timeless swathes of color into your room. Inspired by a color swatch that forms a fan when the colors are folded out. Time passes, whatever we do, but Watch Me adds color to the various times of the day.
  • ALESSI Firenze wall clock
    Alessi's Firenze wall clock adds the perfect finishing touch to any room with its clean lines and simple design. Another historical and original project by the Castiglioni brothers, designed in 1965 for the La casa abitata exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, this clock entered production at Alessi in 1996. Alessi blue wall clock. Design: Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Width 36cm.
  • Punkt. AC 01 Alarm Clock - White
    Punkt. AC 01 offers you the pleasure of going back to the traditional alarm clock for everyday use. Why have your cell phone lying on your bedside table, when you can be woken up by a superb design object such as the AC 01? No fumbling around in the dark, no radiation emissions, and no unwanted calls in the middle of the night; just the pleasure of trusting your sleeping hours to a wonderfully simple object that, thanks to its extraordinary simplicity, will delight you every time you wake up to it. Designed by Jasper Morrison. Essential and timeless. If function defines design, then the 'essentiality' of the AC 01 is natural - like the daily routine of waking up - which makes the AC 01 a timeless timepiece. Simple and intuitive. Set the alarm on; switch it off; prolong sleep by activating snooze; check the time in the middle of the night. Four simple actions which need to be performed intuitively; as with the AC 01. Long lasting materials. The AC 01 dial is protected by thick scratch-proof glass and surrounded by a solid aluminium body to ensure product longevity. KEY FEATURES. Smart alarm switch Activate or deactivate the alarm with a simple manual gesture and the status will be clearly displayed on the dial. Clever snooze button You can activate the snooze option with your eyes closed by simply pressing the back of the alarm clock. Light-ring lit dial Just feel-in-the dark to illuminate the entire dial by gently squeezing the clock and activating the light ring. Luminescent hands and dial The glow-in-the-dark hands and dial allow you to tell the time in complete darkness without turning the light ring on. Long Battery Life One battery for the alarm and two dedicated to the light, ensure that the AC 01 will work for a long time before having to replace the batteries.
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    • Pier One Bird & Mums Clock
    • Weathered Crown Clock
    • Pier 1 Imports Brown Antiqued Black Bicycle Clock
  • Menu Norm Steel table clock
    Norm Steel Stand Clock is a light and simplistic clock with steel hands designed by the Copenhagen-based simplicity lovers at Norm Architects. The bottom of the clock face is bent backwards as a base, so you can place the clock anywhere you like. Available in 4 different soft Scandinavian colours, some of them with matching coloured hands, others with clean steel hands.
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  • Alessi - Ora Out Edge Clock
    Wall Clock for the Edge Ora Out, designed by Giulio Iacchetti for Alessi , is an edge clock that enables an absolute usability of the item. This way, the time can even be read from angles that are not perpendicular to the clock. The special feature of the clock: The Ora Out cannot be hung up on a plane wall, but only on a 90 degree angle or an edge. Reduced Shape and Visual Power The lack of decor and the regular appearance of the gray hands bring out the formal purity of the clock and enhance their visual impact. A design with essential lines that adapts flexibly to different spatial situations in workplaces or in the privacy of your home. The Ora design by Giulio Iacchetti is available in two different versions for corners and edges and in different colours.
    • Mod Made Blue Wooden Spoke Wall Clock
    • Newgate Clocks The Finger Clock - Vibrant Green
    • Bai Square Retro Wall Clock, Turquoise
    • Outline Red Square Wall Clock
  • Mondaine Wall Clock
    Ingenuity and simplicity are the elements which often distinguish an attractive piece of design from a truly iconic design classic. For more than 60 years, we have followed a simple idea: form and function in perfect harmony. At Mondaine, we focus on what really matters, uniting distinguished and timeless Swiss design with innovation, high craftsmanship and functionality providing a lifetime of reliability. The legendary classic as a stylish accessory for home, hotel lobbies, restaurant, office....
  • Progetti Crooked Wall Clock - Blue
    Adorn your home with the fabulously asymmetrical design of this Crooked clock from Progetti. In the shape of a charming crooked house assembled from angular blocks, it is available in four bold colourways with a contrasting clock face and pendulum on each. Made from painted wood, it is finished with a cuckoo in the first block with an innovative sensor to ensure it doesn’t sound in darkness, helping you to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Designed by Alberto Sala, it is an example of wonderful Italian design for the home and there are more timepiece options available from Progetti.Key features: * Pendulum wall clock * Material: varnished wood * Dimensions: H53xW16xD10cm * Designed by Alberto Sala * Charming crooked house design * Made of blue & natural wood coloured blocks * With a blue clock face and pendulum * Finished with a small cuckoo in the top block * With an intelligent sensor to not sound in darkness * More fabulous clock designs available from Progetti
  • Alessi - Cronotime Table Clock
    The Cronotime table clock is manufactured by Alessi after a design by the deceased designer Pio Manzù. Manzù especially caused furores with his designs for the car industry and also Cronotime possesses a dynamic shape. The bent and compact corpus from Cronotime seems to come out of the surface. Initially it might look like a toy, but it will soon prove its usefulness. Both parts of the housing are movable and can be opposed peripherally, cleating different housing forms, so that the clock can be turned to every perspective. The favourable inclination of the dial can furthermore be adjusted by an additional movable ring of the surface; the numbers themselves are clear and visible all the time. The original design was created in 1966. The Fiat-Workshops sent the table clocks as annual gifts at that time, and therefore Pio Manzù designed them. Produced by the Milan company Ritz Italora at that time, the publicity-gift reached popularity fastly. Since the technical and formally humorous solution of a table clock as Fiat-gift became that famous, the Italian goods-concern La Rinascente decided to include the clock in its program and with it, helped it to become successful. The small table clock is produced by Alessi today, in a revised second edition out of ABS-plastic. The Cronotime table clock is available in further colours.
  • Norm Architects Norm Marble Wall Clock
    Danish designers Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn named their studio Norm to express their dedication to “working with Danish norms and standards refined over hundreds of years,” says Bjerre-Poulsen, “rather than rejecting them in the endless search for new.” The sincerity of their approach – bypassing flashy design for good design – shows in the quality of their work. Stripped of all unnecessary details, their minimalist Marble Wall Clock (2014) captivates with its clean design and use of honest, natural. This clock “exudes nostalgia,” according to Bjerre-Poulsen, “and we’ve chosen a material combination that speaks to most human senses, something very important as a designer.” With bright brass hands set against a fine marble face, the Marble Wall Clock provides ample contrast for easy time-telling. Runs on a single AA battery (not included). Made in China.
  • Alessi - Time Maze Wall Clock
    Sculptural Wall Clock by Daniel Libeskind Time Maze, designed by Daniel Libenskind for Alessi , is a wall clock whose body consists of a red polyline. The design of the wall clock explicitly recalls the architectural language of its author which is characterised by discontinuous lines, split surfaces, cuts and holes. The mechanism of the clock is located in the centre of the structure, formed by the red line. "Labyrinth of Time" The idea behind the design of the sculptural clock is the one of the "labyrinth of the time". Therefore, says Libeskind, time never flows in circles but in unexpected corners and edges. The shape of the Maze Wall Clock takes up this idea with its deconstructivist inspired design. The timestamps are molded into the steel struts of the clock, so that - in spite of the elaborated design - time can be read as usual.
  • CB2 Bevel Wall Clock
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    Midcentury this minute. The natural beauty and graceful grain of ash wood is the focus of this midcentury-inspired wall clock by designer Ceci Thompson. Punctuated only by brite white bent metal hands, the spare face is surrounded by a smooth, beveled edge with simple routing marks to count the hours. Learn about Ceci Thompson on our blog. Geek out on other '70-inspired furniture and accessories for any space here. Details and Dimensions: Bevel wall clock. 10" Dia. X 1.75"D. Designed by Ceci Thompson. Ash wood. White powdercoated aluminum hands. Requires 1 AA battery (not included) Wipe with soft, dry cloth. Made in Taiwan. Overall Dimensions: Depth: 1.75" Diameter: 10"
  • Alessi - Momento Wall Clock
    In 1993 Aldo Rossi designed the simple and elegant Momento Wall Clock. The design reminds a lot of the eponymous watch and pocket clock that have also been designed by Aldo Rossi. While the Momento Wall Clock has been made of fire-lacquered aluminium then, the version of today is delivered in an elegant, mirror-like polished 18/10 stainless steel edition. The Momento Wall Clock especially bribes with its timeless design. With Momento the 1997 defunct designer Aldo Rossi achieved to design a real classic whose value will remain exemplarily also in many years.
  • Belle -Christmas
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  • LEFF amsterdam Tube Clock Steel
    For the tube clock, Piet Hein Eek’s starting point was a tube and an extrusion ring. Extrusion molding is a design technique involving forcing aluminum, or paste for example, through a mold. The extrusion profile is what gives the material its shape. Piet devised a ring like that for the design of the clock face. Often, a good idea can be surprisingly simple.The simplest solutions have not yet been invented.This clock could have been designed a century ago. It is actually a textbook example of the Dutch mentality: the idea of keeping things normal and down-to-Earth.
  • Alessi Firenze Wall Clock Black
    Wall clock in ABS, black. Quartz movement. A historic project by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Firenze was designed in 1965 for the La casa abitata exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, in Florence. In 1996 the project was put into production by Alessi in blue, dark blue, pale orange, grey and white. The Clock is now presented in new versions, which is the result of research conducted by Claudia Raimondo (an Alessi consultant for research on color and finishing Design Achille Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Diameter: 14-1/4"
  • CB2 Karat Wall Clock
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    Golden hour. Slicked in a clean sheen of gold, this gleaming aluminum wall clock makes every minute count. Brass-finished hands keep time on the numberless face, recessed within a floating rim of brass. Details and Dimensions: Karat wall clock. 12" Dia. X 2"D. Aluminum. Face: Gold finish. Rim and hands: Brass finish. Requires one AA battery (not included) Wipe with soft, dry cloth. Made in Taiwan. Overall Dimensions: Depth: 2" Diameter: 12"
  • Alessi - La Stanza Dello Scirocco Wall Clock
    Magic Wall Clock from Sicily La Stanza dello Scirocco (lit.: Scirocco room) is a magical place, found in the great country houses in Sicily. A place where people seek shelter and wait for the wind to calm down. The Sicilian architect Mario Trimarchi took this childhood memory as an opportunity to make a wall clock for Alessi. Irregular Shape of the Hexagonal Dial The irregular forms of the hexagonal dial and the lateral elements, create light and shadow plays, which giving the object magic and movement. The imaginative design in a wide range variants inspires in different interiors. La Stanza Dello Scirocco-Collection As part of the same name series, the designer Mario Trimarchi describes the "La stanza dello Scirocco" as "A collection of asymmetric objects with atypical geometry, consisting of small platelets of different sizes, which are connected to each other in a seemingly fragile design only at individual points." In addition to the wall clock bowls, baskets, and other home accessories are available in the same design, which can be harmoniously combined.
  • CB2 Swarm Wall Clock
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    Tick, tock, buzz. Six sleek sides outline a time-ticking hexagon wall clock for your hive. Crafted of iron, brite white border swarms a minimalist grey face centered by white hands. Build a honeycomb with our swarm mirrors and see what the buzz is all about. Details and Dimensions: Swarm wall clock. 13"Wx1.5"Dx15"H. Iron. White powdercoated frame; grey powdercoated face. White powdercoated aluminum hands. Requires 1 AA battery (not included) Wipe with soft, dry cloth. Made in Taiwan. Overall Dimensions: Width: 13" Depth: 1.5" Height: 15"
  • Alessi - Blank Wall Clock
    Sense of time is a really subjective and individual matter and is up to with which activity you disperse the time. The wall clock Blank Wall Clock by Marti Guixé can be designed just as individual. The white, circle round dial of the Blank Wall Clock is free of décor. The user is challenged to fill this – and with that the elapsed time - with pictures. Thanks to the arranged washable felt pen this can always occur new. To the times you can also allocate names, functions or small pictures. To that hour- and minute needles can build new connections, news and sense contexts between inserted news via the joint: Every new time bares with that its own news. It is very interesting, when the small joint in the middle of the clock is described. Then whole sentences can be created. This is also the idea behind the also available wall clock 24h Sentence Maker. This is decorated from the beginning and the moving arrow creates new word connections, which can be assembled through an „is“ on the joint of the arrow. So it says at 10:10 A.M. „Design is Emotion“ or at 7:30 P.M. „Guixé is Art“. Also in our blog: 9 unusual wall clocks - for a good time
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