Alessi Cico Egg Cup Sweet Orange ASG23 SO
  • Alessi Mr. Chin Egg Cup
    Egg cup with salt castor and spoon in thermoplastic resin. Hand decorated. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni 3.25" x 2" x 4.25" high
  • Alessi Cico Eggcup ASG23 GB
    Egg cup with salt castor and spoon in thermoplastic resin, green bud. Design Stefano Giovannoni Height: 4-1/2″ Length: 3-1/2″ Width: 3-1/4″
  • Jonathan Adler Muse Egg Cups
    Greet your morning with a Muse Porcelain, hand-sculpted egg cup inspired by our love affair with Salvador and Misia. Jonathan Adler pottery begins its life in our Soho studio, where Jonathan and his team design and sculpt every prototype. High-fired porcelain with glossy glaze. Set of two. 2.75" High x 2" wide.
  • Pillivuyt Plisse Egg Cup
    Plisse Collection was introduced in 2003, picking up the traditional pleats found in ramekins and souffles. The Pillivuyt Plisse egg cup is a European style egg cup for serving boiled eggs. Or use it to hold toothpicks! 2” x 1-1/2” Diameter x height.
  • Alessi Cico Eggcup - Yellow
    Material: thermoplastic resin. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Little man shaped egg cup holding a spoon. His hat is also a salt shaker. Cheerful and practical design. A great way to start your day. Dimensions: 9 cm x 8 cm & 11.5 cm in height. Available in black, blue, green, ice, pink & yellow. Stylishly packaged in an Alessi branded box.
  • Happy Room
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  • Match Pewter Footed Egg Cup
    Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs: 1) Place eggs and pot and cover them with water. 2) Add a pinch of salt and heat until water boils. 3) Turn off heat and let sit for 4 minutes. 4) Dash in cold water to cool eggs. 5) Finally, serve in the Match Pewter footed egg cup. 6) Enjoy! 2" high.
  • Alessi Quattro Muri E Due Case Rectangular Serving Tray
    Rectangular tray in bamboo wood. A landscape of dreams, fantasies, memories and desires in a tray. "Quattro muri e due case", the first piece Michele De Lucchi has designed for the Officina Alessi catalogue, is a rectangular shaped poetic Tray made of bamboo wood. De Lucchi began sculpting little wood cottages in 2004 with the use of a chainsaw. Sculpted cottages that recreate the essential style of this major Italian architect, one of the main protagonists of radical architectural movements such as Cavarat, Alchimia and Memphis. "Quattro muri e due case" (Four walls and two cottages) is linguistically coherent with De Lucchi's search for materials that "age well", such as wood, stone and metal. The designer believes that the authenticity of these materials must remain intact by accepting their natural essence, since time is the greatest artist there is, and what it manages to do to the surface of things is inimitable. The tray presented by Alessi is an industrial product that embodies the essence of an object that walks the line between art and craft. Bamboo wood, the material chosen to create this object, is characterized by knots and veins that make each piece slightly unique. To preserve the beauty of this essence, clean the tray with a damp sponge and dry thoroughly. Features: Material: Bamboo wood. Shape: Rectangular. Dimensions: 0.5" H x 18.25" W x 14.5" D, 3.15 lbs.
  • Axel Delbrayere Paysages Wooden Trays
    Simple, though with a strongly sensual presence, Axel Delbrayère's Paysages Wooden Trays have gentle curved surfaces that create compartments to hold food and condiments. The warm softness of finely-sanded wood gives the trays a smooth texture that proves hard not to caress, and their sculptural form makes it feel, as the designer notes, "as if it were floating above the table." The gentle curves of the wooden trays evoke the calm waves of the ocean, or perhaps even the hills and valleys of the Upper Jura, from where the designer hails. Tray PO1 can cradle small, even granular, items like seasonings or salt while tray P02 is perfect as an egg cup. Like a work of art, the trays are meant to be displayed and not hidden, as are the many everyday objects whose affect on the senses can be easily ignored or used without contemplation.
  • A di Alessi Iglù Tray
    With the tray with handles (solded separately), you can bring everything to the table with a big elegance. Entierely made of stainless steel, it is very refined. You can also use it for your every day life : for coffee, TV dinner... In detail: Type : Tray. Colour : Steel. Material : 18/10 Stainless steel. Dimensions : 28 cm x 28 cm - H 3,8 cm.
  • Match Pewter Low Egg Cup
    Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs: 1) Place eggs and pot and cover them with water. 2) Add a pinch of salt and heat until water boils. 3) Turn off heat and let sit for 4 minutes. 4) Dash in cold water to cool eggs. 5) Finally, serve in the Match Pewter low egg cup. 6) Enjoy! 3.7" diameter x 1" high.
  • Alessi Joy N.3 Round Serving Tray
    Round tray in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished. A sheet of steel becomes form and decoration: Joy, like a jewel, a pleasure. A new model has been introduced into the "Joy" collection designed by Claudia Raimondo: the "Joy n.3" Tray joins the "Joy n.1" Centerpiece and the "Joy n.11" Basket. The Tray features an intriguing play of reflections that characterizes these objects, which originated from the union between Claudia Raimondo's research and Alessi's focus on the "skin of the object." The experience gained in the manufacturing of steel surfaces, even the most complex, has made it possible to create interesting projects and to consolidate a technologically sophisticated manufacturing process. "Joy n.3" is a round tray with embossed sides and an uneven, jagged rim. The irregular texture embellishes the object and is reminiscent of the surfaces crafted by master silversmiths. The tray was created through the cold molding of a steel plate. The facets that create the particular texture of the object are proportionally sized to the generous surface of the tray. To preserve the beautiful finish of the stainless steel colored Trays, do not clean with abrasive detergents. Features: Joy collection. Material: Steel colored with epoxy resin. Embossed sides and an uneven, jagged rim. Cold-molding of a steel plate. Dimensions: 1" H, 3.08 lbs.
  • Rabea
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  • Match Pewter Pedestal Egg Cup
    Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs: 1) Place eggs and pot and cover them with water. 2) Add a pinch of salt and heat until water boils. 3) Turn off heat and let sit for 4 minutes. 4) Dash in cold water to cool eggs. 5) Finally, serve in the Match Pewter pedestal egg cup. 6) Enjoy! 3.1" high.
  • Alessi Ovale Salade bowl
    This is how Ronan described their project: "The Ovale' collection strives to be original, but it also wants to be rustic and traditional. We set out in pursuit of delicate expression. This composition speaks about every day life, about breakfast, lunch, about everyone getting together for dinner. There is a desire for simplicity". He then coined a new expression to describe Alessi, a likeness that appeals to me: "For me, Alessi is very similar to the operation described in Tim Burton's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'. A wonderful factory where Alessi produces cakes and sweets. Let's say, with this collection, that we tried to reach an equilibrium: a project that's not too sweet, I'd say it's rather delicate". In detail: Type : Salade bowl. Colour : White. Material : Stoneware. Dimensions : L 24 cm x W 23 cm - Volume : 350 cl. Characteristics : Light asymmetry of lines - Rounded corners.
  • Wild & Wolf Rob Ryan Hello Egg Set of Egg Cups
    "Happy Egg..." set of three ceramic egg cups presented in a stylish box. Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Box measures 150 mm x 55 mm x 55 mm. Individual cup measures 49 mm diameter 49 mm height.
  • Alessi Francesca Small dish - Set of 2
    "Francesca" Set of two small bowls in 18/10 stainless steel, designed by the catalan architect Lluís Clotet. The name of the Hors-d'hoeuvre dish is a homage to the characters from the novels of the poet Foix, who in turn lends his name to the pioneering Tray from this collection. In detail: Type : Small dish. Colour : Glossy steel. Material : Polished stainless steel. Dimensions : Ø 13,6 cm x H 5 cm - Volume : 33 cl. Characteristics : The name of Francesca is a tribute to the character from the novel of the catalan poet J.V. Foix, who in turn lends his name to the pioneering tray from this collection.
  • A di Alessi Cico Eggcup
    New colors for the perennial Alessi favourites. In detail: Type : Eggcup. Colour : Green. Material : Thermoplastic resin. Dimensions : L 9 cm x W 8 cm x H 11,5 cm. Characteristics : With a salt container (the cap) and a small spoon - No dishwasher.
  • Alessi Joy N.3 Round Tray
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    Material: 18/10 stainless steel. Dimensions: H2.3xD40cm. Designed by Claudia Raimondo. Mirror polished stainless steel. Stunning irregular texture. Reflective design. Do not clean with abrasive detergents.
  • A di Alessi Cico Eggcup
    New for 2009 the limited edition Alessi Achromatics series takes a monchromatic look at perennial Alessi favourites. In detail: Type : Eggcup. Colour : Black. Material : Thermoplastic resin. Dimensions : L 9 cm x W 8 cm x H 11,5 cm. Characteristics : With a salt container (the cap) and a small spoon - No dishwasher.
  • Alessi Huilier Fior d'olio / Testeur avec bouchon-verseur universel
    Dans la plus pure tradition italienne, ce testeur permet de déguster, dans les règles de l'art, les meilleures huiles d'olive. Superbement dessiné, il peut être également utilisé comme verseur traditionnel. Sa forme et ses dimensions ont été parfaitement étudiées pour révéler tous les arômes et les parfums de l'huile d'olive. Il est plus large vers le bas et rétréci vers l'embouchure du verre, pour faire confluer vers le nez l'arôme de l'huile à déguster. Le verre est coloré, pour empêcher que la couleur du contenu en conditionne l'évaluation, et elle évoque fortement l'huile de première pression. Le bouchon avec bec verseur de taille standard peut être introduit dans le col des bouteilles d'huile d'olive : il permet un dosage précis tout en limitant le processus d'oxydation qui commence dès que la bouteille est ouverte. Disposée sur une table, cette petite olive en verre et acier chromé est un objet élégant et raffiné qui possède une forte valeur décorative. Le cadeau idéal pour les gourmets ! In detail: Type : Oil bottle. Colour : Polished steel. Material : Glass, Stainless steel 18/10. Dimensions : Ø 6 x H 8,5 cm. Characteristics : Bonchon-verseur universel : peut être utilisé sur les bouteilles d'huile d'olive.
  • Authentics Eiko Eggcup - Set of 4 pieces
    Eiko is the solution for the perfect breakfast egg. With Eiko you can cook your egg, time it, cool it and serve it to the table. Simply hang the Eiko over the edge of the pan of boiling water. Individual cooking times can be separated and remenbered using the different colours. Then the Eiko is simply removed from the pan using the external handle, held under cold water to cool and brought to the table to eat, where it functions as an egg cup ! Egg and hands remain unscathed ! Eiko is sold in a kit of 4 eggcups. In detail: Type : Eggcup. Colour : Red, Orange, Blue, Green. Material : Polycarbonate. Dimensions : L 13 cm x W 6,2 cm x H 8,5 cm.
  • Alessi 9096 Creamer by Michael Graves,1988
    18/10 stainless steel with polyamide handle. Michael Graves - Americana Inspirations collection.
  • Royal Copenhagen White Fluted Plain Egg Cup 2-Pack
    White Fluted Plain tells the story of royal porcelain and craftsmanship in a minimalist and contemporary idiom. The result…a modern classic. For those that enjoy life without compromising on quality White Fluted offers an ideal everyday service for the modern home. Pure elegant simplicity. Capacity: 2.25 inches Main material: Porcelain Design by: Arnold Krog.
  • A di Alessi All-time Serving dish - Ø 32 cm
    All-Time is designed by Guido Venturini. The formal concept underlying the "All-Time" design is one of flowing shapes - a theme that's very close to the designer's heart. The surfaces of the various parts of each object are joined in such a way that the light reflecting off them is always soft and shady. In detail: Type : Serving dish. Colour : White - Serving dish. Material : Bone China porcelain. Dimensions : Ø 32 cm. Characteristics : Suitable for dishwasher and microwave oven.
  • Wireworks Geo 360 Fruit Bowl
    Keep your fruit fresher for longer with the Geo 360 Fruit Bowl. With an open stucture that promotes circulation of air, this lathe-turned solid oak bowl features a gently contoured base with random structured holes that create a simplistic yet striking effect. Designed by Lincoln Rivers and Mu Hu, this quirky, practical bowl will look chic in any kitchen interior. L.M. Lathe-turned solid oak. Gently contoured base. Drilled holes. Open structure. Keeps fruit fresher for longer. Designed by Lincoln Rivers and Mr Hu. Simple and stylish. Available in two sizes. Dimensions: D:36 x H:4.5cm. Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp, soapy cloth. Rinse briefly and dry. Do not leave in contact with water. Use beeswax or vegetable oil to maintain finish.
  • Alessi Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl
    Today there are countless fruit bowls on the market, so Alessi commissioned Emma Silvestris to create a new design that will stand out from any other. The Mediterraneo bowl was then formed - its refreshing design meant it was guaranteed success and it still remains popular today. Made from Steel, this highly durable bowl is perfect for gracing any coffee table, dining table or sideboard. Originally designed in red, it has since been released in 2 new colourways. Featuring a seaweed like pattern, this beautiful bowl is instantly recognisable as an Alessi design as is sure to be loved by all who see it. For any avid Alessi collector, it is a must. Dimensions: Large: Diameter 29cm x Height 10.8cm. Small: Diameter 21cm x 9.5cm.
  • Footed Egg Cup by Match Pewter
    Handmade by artisans in northern Italy, and each piece of Match pewter bears a stamped symbol from the region in which it was made. 2" high