Alessi Ettore Sottsass Stainless Steel Bar Stirrer
  • Alessi Noè Champagne Bottle Opener
    Champagne bottle opener in stainless steel mirror polished. Store, open, pour, preserve: Noè. Giulio Iacchetti offers a collection of wine accessories and the name chosen for this series of items is an amusing reference to Noah (Noè in Italian), the first man to plant grapevines and make wine. The champagne bottle opener is produced in AISI 630 steel cast in a shell with the lost-wax process and then polished. The upper part of the tool features cutters for cutting the metal cage that surrounds the champagne bottle. The inner part, used for extracting the cork, is slightly ridged to make the operation easy and effective. This indispensable tool for champagne lovers features a simple yet sophisticated language, thanks to the material used to make it and the stylized bottle shape. Features: Noè collection. Material: Stainless steel. Mirror polished. Dimensions: 0.5" H x 7" W x 2" D, 0.6 lb.
  • Alessi Noè Champagne Bottle Opener
    Material: stainless steel. Dimensions: 18cm. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti. Mirror polished. Practical & a great gift idea.
  • Alessi Noè Drop Ring
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    Material: stainless steel. Dimensions: H6xD5.5cm. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti. Mirror polished. Fits around the neck of most wine bottles. Practical & a great gift idea. Stops spillages.
  • Alessi Noè Wine Bottle Stopper
    Material: stainless steel. Dimensions: H6xD5.5cm. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti. Mirror polished. Keep your wine fresh. Easy to use.
  • Alessi Anna G. Corkscrew (Colors) by Alessandro Mendini
    Corkscrew function - anthropomorphic design. Made from polyamide and chrome-plated zamak. Dimensions: 9.6"H x 2.75" diameter.
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  • Alessi Wine Cooler Stainless Steel
    Alessi Wine Champagne Cooler Chiller Bucket designed by Ettore Sottsass is sleek & sophisticated design. Perfect for keeping your Wine Champagne chilled on those special occasions. Designed from high grade mirror finish stainless steel and holding 2 bottles, making this ideal for those long dinner parties. This ice bucket is superb for wine or champagne or even to chill soft drinks the choice is yours. This is just one of a number of high end designer ice buckets and chillers in the Alessi range of products. Dimensions: h23cm d25cm. Capacity: 700cl.
  • Alessi Alessando M. Pinocchio bottle opener
    "The multi-faceted personality of ""Alessandro M."" has been produced with a new disguise: ""Pinocchio"" (once again, in a limited edition)." In detail: Type : Bottle opener. Colour : Multicolored. Material : PA and chrome-plated zamak. Dimensions : Ø 6 cm x H 24 cm. Characteristics : Hand decorated - Limited edition 2013.
  • Alessi Parrot Proust Corkscrew Bottle Opener
    Designed by Mendini & Annalisa Margarini as part of a collaboration between them and Italian design house Alessi. Alessi specialise in creating a range of homewares that each have a unique take on an original design. Day to day items become pieces of art that are enjoyable to use. The Alessi parrot corkscrew is another one of those pieces that is fully functioning but is elaborate and characteristic too. Th Alessi corkscrew is made from a high quality aluminium and combined with plastic, the dual elements create a strong durable corkscrew that is perfect for any bar setting - whether thats commercial or at home. Included with the parrot is a foil cutter, perfect for allowing you to enjoy your wine to its best. Characteristic and quirky, the Alessi corkscrew is a must for any wine lover and it makes a great gift too as it comes gift boxed. Dimensions: H: 13cm; W: 3cm.
  • Alessi - Chiringuito Shaker
    "Daiquiri, Mojito, Tequila Sunrise..." – with the Chiringuito Shaker mixing cocktails becomes a passion. In 2004 the internationally known designer Ron Arad designed the sinuous shaker from stainless steel for the Italian company Alessi. The elegant design of the shaker followed the principle "form follows function” and it carries the flow of liquids inside to the outside. Another plus of the Chiringuito shaker: It has an integrated strainer, which helps potting liquid from the shaker into glasses and holding back ice and pieces of fruit. Besides the shaker, other products of the Chiringuito series by Ron Arad are available upon request, such as the stirrer "Chiringuito Twister” or the mixing glass "Chiringuito Mixer”.
  • Alessi Mini Girotondo Glass Coaster by King-Kong
    18/10 Stainless steel mirror polished. Dimension: 5" W.
  • Alessi Anna G Corkscrew - Black
    Material: black & chrome-plated zamak. Designed by Alessandro Mendini. Measurements: H24.5cm, D7cm. Stylish design. Long arms for extra leverage. Alessi best seller. Available in chrome, black, blue, green, red & yellow. Stylishly packaged in an Alessi branded box.
  • Alessi Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker
    Alessi's Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker is a must for have for those people fanatical about cocktails. Designed by Ron Arad, the cocktail shaker looks beautiful and would stand out when placed on any bar area. Made from Stainless Steel with a polished finish, it has a quality look and feel and fits perfectly and ergonomically into your hands. The Alessi cocktail shaker also features a handle which when folded creates an airtight seal inside the vaccum - so when you are shaking your cocktail you can be confident that none of it will end up on you or on the floor. Dimensions : H:25cm; Dia:7.5cm Capacity : 55cl.
  • Alessi - Pop-Up Bottle Opener
    The unique Bottle Opener Pop-Up has an elaborate mechanism, which opens a bottle with a simple push. The design is as elegant as unusual and through the strong curves nice to hold. Pop-Up can easily be held in the hand. To open the bottle, you only have to put the opener on a bottle and push it down to the dog. The bottle is now open and the closure is in the inside of the Pop-Up. The at the end following upwards movemonet should be slowely, so that the magnet can hold the crown cap in the inside. The closure can now be taken out of the Pop-Up. An elaborate mechanism, which is as innovative as functional. Pop-Up was designed by Giovanni Alessi Anghini, who originates from the fourth generation of the Alessi-founder. The bottle opener is the first design of the young designer, which now, starts after some years his own career in the studio of Stefano Giovannoni.
  • Alessi Diabolix Bottle Opener - Yellow
    Material: polyamide. Dimensions: 7" Magnetic Opener. Ergonomically designed tail for comfortable use. Great colours and a great shape, its fun as well as functional. More bar accessories available from Alessi.
  • Alessi Pop Up Bottle Opener Cap Remover
    This sleek and sophisticated beer bottle opener in a polished stainless steel finish is known as the Alessi Pop Up. It features an easy to use mechanism you place the egg shaped device over the bottle and press down which creates pressure for the cap to come off easily hence the name Pop Up. Designed by Giovanni Alessi Anghini, he is the grandchild of the entrepreneur Giovanni Aless) that created the business back in 1935. It is good to see the new generations of family are also designers for this world renowned design company. The egg shaped dome is made from stainless steel and underneath the mechanism is made from thermoplastic resin. Dimensions: Height 9.5cm x Width 8cm.
  • A di Alessi - Corkscrew Alessandro M
    Maybe Alessandro Mendini was jealous of the success from „Anna G.", that he decided to delight us with his figure "Alessandro M.”. As it is doubtlessly easily recognisable, this corkscrew is the self-portrait of the designer. Also if it looks easy, it was anything but that to originate a new character that could both fit in the autobiographic happenings of the designer and in the international designer sceneries. Alessandro (the designer) designed the project and gave his creation a clear, different and complementary identity at the same time comparing to his from now on renowned companion (Anna G.). "Alessandro M.” is not least also a product that has to offer various novelties: besides the standard version that is available in two different colours, there are also ranges of Haute-couture seasons collections. This is a form of tailor-made dresses, of collections that go with the today’s fashion and that are manufactured in limited editions – determined to be collected and following the seasonal fashion rhythm.
  • Alessi Parrot Corkscrew - Blue
    Material: cast aluminium and PC. Measurements: 3x2.5cm & 13cm in height. Designed by Alessandro Mendini. Corkscrew features: foil cutter, cap remover & corkscrew. Traditional waiters corkscrew. Available in blue & green. Stylishly packaged in an Alessi branded box.
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  • A di Alessi Parrot Bottle opener
    Very funny and very surprising, this small perroquet is corkscrew ! Alessandro Mendini transforms with fantasy an instrument of our daily in a funny and playful object. It recalls us as well as design, beyond its functions, succeeds transmitting us an unforeseen joy. Exist in black, blue and green. In detail: Type : Bottle opener. Colour : Green. Material : Cast aluminium - PC. Dimensions : H 13 x L 3 cm.
  • Alessi Boston Shaker Bar Set
    Alessi Boston Shaker Bar Set A fabulous gift set for new homeowners; includes a strainer, stirrer, cocktail measurer, and the renowned Boston shaker. Shaker's thick glass tumbler fits inside 18/10 stainless-steel tumbler; view contents as they are shaken. Shaker holds 17 ounces and measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter by 11 inches high. Each of the other pieces in the set is made from 18/10 stainless steel; all pieces are safe to clean in the dishwasher. Attractively boxed, the set is ready to ship for your next gift-giving occasion.
  • Alessi Bottle Opener
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    Designed by Marcel Wanders. Dimensions: 3.54" H x 5.51" W x 3.15" D, 0.02 lb.
  • Alessi Magnum Wine Cooler
    Designed by Ettore Sotsass. Material: 18/10 Stainless steel. Capacity: 6 qt 29 oz. Dimensions: 8.27" H x 8.27" W, 4.19 lbs.
  • Alessi Alessando M - Queen's guard Corkscrew
    New corkscrew, new face. Jealous person of ANNA G.'s success, and self-portrait of Alessandro Mendini, SANDRO M. enters on the scene of the design and tells us a new history. A new actor with his well defined, at the same moment different and additional personality of her famous partner and henceforth partner. In detail: Type : Bottle opener. Colour : Red, Black & Chrome. Material : PA polyamide - Chrome-plated zamak. Dimensions : Ø 6 cm - H 24 cm. Characteristics : Hand-decorated - Limited edition 2012.
  • Alessi Mami Xl Decanter
    Decanter. Mami Xl collection. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Dimensions: 9.06" H x 17.32" W x 9.65" D, 2.05 lbs.
  • Alessi Boston Cocktail Shaker
    Bring the luxury of the cocktail bar indoors to your home with the Boston Cocktail Shaker from Italian design company, Alessi. Sleek, elegant and a lavish addition to your home, entertain guests by showcasing your skills behind the bar in creating some fabulous cocktails. Designed by Ettore Sottsass, the cocktail shaker is finished in 18/10 stainless steel and comes with glass beaker. This cocktail shaker is the fruit of extensive research by Alberto Gozzi on professional bar and wine utensils. This is considered the most professional type of shaker, with two parts which fit perfectly into each other, the steel part is made especially flexible by a special cold-working operation. The steel beaker of the Alessi Boston Cocktail Shaker can also be used as a mixing glass.
  • A di Alessi Anna G. Bottle opener
    First born in the Anna family, she still delights you with her smile and her happy mood. For sure ! No cork will resist her. In detail: Type : Bottle opener. Colour : Yellow. Material : Chrome-plated zamak and polyamide. Dimensions : Ø 7 x H 24,5 cm.
  • A di Alessi Mouse - Bottle opener
    Bottle opener Mouse, in 18/10 stainless steel and thermoplastic resin, green. For over half a century, and with great consistency, the finnish designer Aarnio has designed brightly coloured objects for the house with rounded, geometric shapes that allude to a kind of children's code. His works, almost all made in plastic, are short, visual tales that combine features both humorous and playful with precise and explicit functional meanings. In detail: Type : Bottle opener. Colour : Red. Material : Stainless steel - Thermoplastic resin - Eyes in soft rubber. Dimensions : H 10 cm x W 5,5 cm - Thickness : 3 cm. Characteristics : Magnetic : It can be stored against a metallic surface.
  • Alessi Glass Coasters set of 4
    Alessi Coasters come in a set of 4 and are perfect for sitting on a table to hold your glass or cup so as not to mark the table surface. The stainless steel coasters are designed and manufactured from stainless steel these coasters are easy to clean and are a fantastic addition to the Alessi collection and come in sets of four. Designed by Ufficio Tecnico Alessi. These coasters are a must for any alessi collector. Dimensions: Diameter:10.7cm.
  • Alessi Jasper Morrison 126 oz. Bolly Wine Cooler
    Bolly wine cooler. Mirror polished or matte finish. A beautifully finished Alessi wine cooler. Reinforced top and bottom to increase strength and reduce dents. Specifications: Capacity: 126 oz. Dimensions: 9" H x 8.8" W. Material: Stainless Steel. Dishwasher safe.