Alex & Adrianna Taylor.

Name; Alex Taylor
Age; 15
Hometown; Sydney, Austrailia
Bio; Growing up in a beautiful place, with a loving family meant Alex developed amazing characteristics. He's sweet, funny, loveable and kind. However, when his parents divorced, him & his sister were seperated. He went to live with his father, and Adrianna went and lived with their mother. Although he missed her, he was happy with his father. He did develop many trust issues, and has trouble settling down with a girl, as he doesn't get emotionally attached.
Dorm; Boys
Looks; Francisco Lachowski
Extra; He has a twin sister who also attends the school, Adrianna Taylor.

Name; Adrianna Taylor
Age; 15
Hometown; Sydney, Austrailia
Bio; Her life is just like her brothers, except she went to live with her mother. Oh, and they're completely different people. While her brother is a well liked, sweet guy, Adrianna is uptight, spoilt and can be just plain rude. Her mother felt guilty for the divorce, and turned her daughter into a spoilt brat, never saying 'no'.
Dorm; Girls
Looks; Justina Vazgauskaite
Extra; She has a twin brother who also attends the school, Alex Taylor.

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