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Just out of High School. We are finally free. Lie should be perfect right? Well, no. You are so wrong. Back track. Yes, we are all rich, some more than others, but the drama is out of control! Watch out. Who is really your friend? There is a campus near-by for us, but at home in the private Complex on the waterfront of Manhattan, we bite. Remember, pretty faces don't always mean pretty hearts.
  • cute guys | Tumblr
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    "Alex Capehart:X
    He has known Kendall 'Kenny' all of his life. They act almost the same. Rebellious and geeky. Best of friends. But, he is having feelings for her." — @heyu95
  • Fantazzi Avki Avki Site Models Boys
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    "Kacper Mark Harris:
    He is the brother to the two sisters. But, he is older than they are. And he is always watching Kendall's every move, he knows how rebellious she is. He is also good friends with Alex, and a complete ladies man." — @heyu95
  • avan jogia | Tumblr
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    "Chase Samuels:
    He just moved to the area, but we don't know why. He has his eye on Kylie and Kendall." — @heyu95
  • Oh Cute Boys
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    "Mitchell Green:

    He loves to lay out in the sun! He is always outside and he has his eye on Emma. he is quite the player, but he is willing to stop for the right girl." — @heyu95
    Hello, i'm Whitney and i like cute boys(:
  • andrew garfield | Tumblr
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    "Peter Knight:
    He is very mysterious, but loves to have fun. He has his eye on Kaylee. He knows how to help people and is always there to help people." — @heyu95
  • francisco lachowski | Tumblr
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    "Matt Brown:
    He is a lover, not a fighter. That is exactly why he has an eye on Abby. They both look for peace, but he once had a thing for Mara." — @heyu95
  • im not leaving without you.
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    "Ryan Kroner:
    He has perfection towards every girl and every girl would die to even feel his one of his hugs." — @heyu95
  • luanltorres | hot guy site model
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    "Luke Glade:X
    He and Kendall have been dance partners and on the same dance team forever. Until they were both accepted into dance companies, but turned them down. What happens when they reunite and they had very 'hot' dances in contemporary?" — @heyu95
  • Drew Roy
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    "Tanner Achilles:
    People think he can’t be emotional or even care for that matter but when it comes down to his friends and people he actually does care about, he can shed a few tears for them." — @heyu95
  • sam way | Tumblr
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    "Will George:
    Will was polite and generous to all girls but towards guys, he would kickass for even crossing him the littlest bit. Just like his sister." — @heyu95
  • peeta | Tumblr
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    "Jake Windon:
    He is the most secretive. It’s of course easy for him to figure stuff out that his best friends or others tell him, but when it comes down to his own personal secrets, he doesn’t speak up." — @heyu95
  • Get Fitted A Dress Shirt Manifesto
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    "Logan Crowley:
    He’s completely solid when it comes down to girls, meaning nobody can slit that shell that he protects himself from." — @heyu95
    Ever pull on a dress shirt that makes you look fifteen pounds heavier, the kind that balloons out the back and with sleeves cut for a pirate? Now a range of labels is offering fitted dress shirts that perfectly contour to your body. Taylor Lautner of 'Twilight' shows you how to instantly slim down w
  • my sexy cato.<3
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    "Cameron Egan:
    The sportie one. Any sports? He does them. Any questions? He answers. But why does he do so many sports? What he is he hiding? In high school, he fell in love with Kenna." — @heyu95
  • oh yeah, Julian schratter yeah.
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    "Antin Tour:
    he has traveled all over the world. He has a slight accent. But why does he keep moving? What is he running from?" — @heyu95
    A blog dedicated to the lovely model/photographer Julian Schratter. Want to ask a question? Have requests? Or just want to say something? Hit up my ask. :)
  • Fuck yeah Neville Longbottom!
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    "Adam Queens:
    He has gone crazy a couple of times. He even killed his little sister. He has PTSD, but no one knows why. There are things that tick him off, and he loses it." — @heyu95
  • hey kid, you'll never live this down.
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    "Brandon Jackson:
    He’s the only guy in the school who didn’t want to be part of the popular group." — @heyu95
  • Teen Vogue Editorial Close Knit, November 2011 Shot #3
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    "Julian Hernandez:
    He gets with to many girls and never remembers any of his hook-ups. This can get very bad." — @heyu95
  • Image Search Results for Matt Prokop
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    "Josh McCoy:
    Josh loves films. He films everything and always has a camera around his neck." — @heyu95
  • grant gustin | Tumblr
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    "Avan Palmer:
    Extremely flirtatious and using a "seductive purr" when he speaks. Boys, keep you girl friends close. But, other than that, he is very fun. Dating Kylie" — @heyu95
  • river viiperi | Tumblr
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    "Ben McCartney:
    Ben is quite the preppy, pretty boy. He will never treat you wrong, but he does have a bad side with his friends." — @heyu95
  • arthur sales | Tumblr
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    "Stephen Vera:
    He met Kendall is a very bad situation. Now, he can't stop thinking about the girl jumping over fences and had a Doctor Who tee on." — @heyu95
  • joey of my life <3
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    "Grant Parker:
    A complete prankster and loves to party. But, he can be serious. If needed." — @heyu95
  • Zayn Malik
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    "Zayn Horan:
    Has an opinion about everything, but most of them are good opinions. Well most of them." — @heyu95
  • brenton thwaites | Tumblr
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    "Landon Cyrus:
    He cares a lot about his look. Just like his sister. Can a take a day without the mirror?" — @heyu95
  • i live in a whale's vagina
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    "Louis Malik:
    He is kind of aggressive. But, so loving. He only does that to people he really likes." — @heyu95
    my name is noelle and i live in socal and i reblog a lot. i love one direction and clothes and cool...
  • One Direction exclusive band on the run FabulousMag Keeping you Fabulous, 24 hours a day
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    "Liam Tomlinson:
    Bad ass douchebag. To people he doesn't know. God help his soul." — @heyu95
  • nathan sykes | Tumblr
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    "Seth Sulkin:
    Seth is badass and lived in London for about 5 years, so he has a slight accent that makes him even more hot." — @heyu95
  • hot guys | Tumblr
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    "Jamie Golding:
    The crazy teenager who throws parties and almost has an addiction to drugs nobody seems to realize. Kind of a friends with benifits with Kendall." — @heyu95
  • Julian Schratter – Male Model Monday – Socialite Life
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    "Peter Nalewajeck:
    He "radiates life" and has "self-effacing humor and an easy going nature." — @heyu95
  • Niall Horan Picture Gallery Page 5
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    "Niall Payne:

    He is very serious, and doesn't want to be bothered with childish. But, he can have fun, if you give him reasons to." — @heyu95
    Pictures of young singer Nial Horann of the British Boyband One Direction

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