You know what? I am such an Alexander Wang JUNKIE that I find myself collecting and liking EVERYTHING of his even if I know I probably won't end up using it in a set. Why do I do this? Probably because it is Polyvore... or maybe it is because I have shopaholic tendencies, like my husband says. Like, why is he always telling me that? There is nothing wrong with buying investment pieces, I keep insisting. Hello?!
Anyway.... in an effort to stop saving and accumulating ALL things Alexander Wang I've decided to just save my absolute favorite pieces in a collection as I come across them - the pieces I would buy, and the pieces I will use in my sets often. That seems sort of-kind of creeping up on normal, right?
If you guys come across any AW stuff you think I might like, tag me or message me or let me know pretty, pretty please? That's what PolyFriends are for, right? : ) Thanks in advance! xx
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Wrote 8 months ago
@eula-eldridge-tolliver Ha ha ha ha ha Oh dear, you hit the nail right on the head! That is exaaaaactly what I think too, just ask my husband! Ah ha! Great minds think alike! : ) My face is sore from smiling! oh lol....

Wrote 8 months ago
OMG...what an awesome collection!!! I'm still drooling...I love AW and my closet would be packed if my wallet was. LOL So...guess I will just dream as I do will all of Polyvore, but that's why it's so much fun!!! I have a gorgeous 'virtual" closet filled with all my "favorite things" and when I win the Lottery all I have to do is give the picture to my personal shopper and let them bring them items to me!!! Right???

Wrote 9 months ago
@silda - Love everything AW - he is amazing!!! : )

Wrote 9 months ago
Nice collection I like what AW makes as well!!

Wrote 10 months ago
Thank you, dear! Glad you like it! @elena-starling : )

Wrote 10 months ago
Amazing collection!! xx


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