25/50 fictional female character challenge

I love Alexia Tarabotti and the Parasol Protectorate series of steampunk novels by Gail Carriger. 

Alexia is strong, opinionated, pragmatic, practical, and charismatic. She is also souless. In her world, that means she is something very different from the paranormal society around her. How she deals with that and the way she has friendships with many different levels of classes, and remains a proper lady makes for an awesome character. 

The books are funny, action packed and full of great characters. The audiobooks are awesome. Souless, Changless, Blameless and Heartless are the ones out right now. My husband has read and enjoyed them. They have vampires and werewolves in an alternative Victorian London.

A bit of Souless: Alexia Tarabotti is a woman with several critical problems: she is still searching for a husband, her late Italian father complicates her social standing in a rigid class system, and she has no soul. The fact that she is "soulless" leaves her unaffected by the powers of supernatural beings which only further complicates her life when she accidentally kills a vampire that had attacked her. Queen Victoria sends an investigator, Lord Maccon, who is himself a werewolf. As disappearances in the vampire population of London's high society increase, Alexia becomes the prime suspect. She must solve the mystery, all while maintaining proper decorum and a delicate social balance.
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I LOVE this book!!!!!

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there is a NEW contest. be sure to add this to the contest. see my page I have the instructions on my page : )

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This is amazing :)

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