ali kennedy in a nutshell

Ali Kennedy
age: 23
bio: It was Ali’s dream to be a fashion designer and have her own line, just like her older sisters. Ali went through school up in Chicago to reach her goals, one thousand miles away from all her family and friends. But she was determined. Even though Ali had a crappy apartment that she could hardly afford, cruel professors and endless hours of homework and deadlines to meet, Ali made it. She’s a twenty-three year old with a million dreams in front of her, and just as many opportunities. The Kennedy’s are a very rich and prestigious family, but offered no financial help to the struggling baby of the family. Ali made it on her own, and after saving up a couple thousand of her own dollars, Ali is ready to face the big bad world on her own, as long as she has a few friends by her side. A sketch book, cup of tea and a few friends by her side is all Ali really needs to keep her happy… if only she could get that internship for Teen Vogue. But for now, Ali is satisfied with where her life is headed and the direction she will follow, but she can’t help thinking that her sisters (with their own fashion line) are just the tiniest bit better than she ever will be.
model: Elizabeth Olsen


Wrote three years ago
This is great!

Wrote three years ago
love her!!!!!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
love this!!

Wrote three years ago
i love her!

Wrote three years ago


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